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Helen Keller Artifact Collection

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 8: Artifacts

Artifacts in the Helen Keller Archival Collection.

Medal from Mexican Government, Shield shaped silver medal. 1 1/2" diameter, Mexico. 12/31/1953. Artifact # 70

Item Date:  12/31/1953
Artifact item type:  Medal
Artifact number:  70
Provenance:  Mexican Government
Main description:  Shield shaped silver medal
Country of origin:  Mexico
Year of acquisition by Helen Keller:  12/31/1953
Person to first name:  Helen
Person to last name:  Keller
Person to affiliation:  American Foundation for the Blind
Subject material search:  Silver
Additional details:  Contained in small velvet lined silver case, 6 ounces, 3" x 2 1/2"
Size (inches):  1 1/2" diameter
AFB acquisition date:  12/31/1968

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