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where have all the blind people traveled?

I went away last weekend for a little island get-away
I am a low partial and found myself to be rather disoriented by my surroundings
are there any fellow blind folk who have traveled to some what accessible vacation sites?
I would greatly accept any thoughts or ideas on the subject matter


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I second the question...

I have often thought wouldn't a CLub Med suited for vision impaired indiduals and their families be awesome! My husband was blinded 2 years ago and our 3 small children and he and I loved to vacation together as a family. We have gravitated towards using our travel trailer more often and going to familiar camping resorts because then my husband has a sense of knowing where things are etc. I get a lot of kudos from other campers for being a female who can pull a trailer with the best of 'em! :)

Cruise, Cruise, Cruise!

Air/Sea packages get you and your luggage from the airport to your cabin. Small ships are quick and easy to learn navigation and orietation. Larger ships are OK if the trip is 5 days or longer. It takes some time to learn a large ship for a first timer! There is a dependable routine of daily schedules, and a terrific ratio of staff to travelers. Meals,activities, and all are paid in the pkg. L(liguor, gambling and special excursions are extra). You only need tip at the end of the cruise. Internet has offeredterrific deals, as well as travel agencies if you are flexible. I love to cruise...going again in Nov.!
Paul W.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

I just organized, sold, and completed a successful tour of mostly 74 visually impaired travelers on the Carnival Triumph from Nov 30 to December 07 2002. I am planning another cruise from September 13 to 20 2003 out of New York on the Carnival Victory going to New England and Canada anticipating over 200 people. Please contact Sue Slater at 314-726-6893 or I am also considering other cruises including a summer cruise for visually impaired children and their family and can custom tailor a fundraising cruise for your organization or group.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?


Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

I am sighted but travel with my husband who is totally blind. I am also looking for places that would be of interest to both of us.I wonder how elderhostel trips would be for sight impaired adults. My main concern is sending my husband into a strange men's room. He complains that they are never laid out the same way and are also very white so nothing is distinguished. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Bonnie

men's rooms not all laid out the same Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

I always use a cane when going into a bathroom. You are right. They are not all laid out the same way. That is where a cane comes in handy.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

my name is william age 33. ive been to myrtle beach sc. not bad if you stay at resort where they have restaraunts on primisses and close by. in sept 2005 im going on cruise with two more seeing eye dog users from baltimore md. to bermuda.should be fun. contact

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

i would also like some suggestions for trips. my parents
are taking me on a trip for my graduation present and have
no idea where id like to go. i am 18.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

Yes, I'm legally blind and have traveled to over 40 countries and most of the time I was alone. Yes, got some very incredible stories to tell. Lived all over and still planning to go again. I suggest to that 18 year old who is wanting to know where to go with his parentts, no doubt, go to New Zealan! I have published some of my stories and adventures at: I don't recommend any travel to the mideast at this time. If you do go anywhere, try hooking up with a fellow traveler who knows your needs and is willing to help you. This can be a hassle and it can be fun too. Write your adventures down and don't get to pushed out of mind when you get on the wrong train and end up in the wrong country, been there, done that!

Have fun and If you want more data, contact me at

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where have all the blind people traveled?

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

Has anyone tried the UK based Traveleyes? Website is Started by a enthusiastic blind Scotsman, they have escorted tours all over the world - for blind, visually impaired, and sighted.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

hi i live in north carolina im legally blind i been on 5 cruises and loved them if there are any cruises just for visually impaired ppl please let me know

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

perhaps traveling on a bike or climbing a mountain could an alternative choice. I summated Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2005 and cycled the lenght of Africa blind from Cairo to Cape-Town 12,000Km blind.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

I'm glad I ran across these responses. I have a friend who attends a sign language congregation and one of the members has severe vision loss. I will send her these resources because I don't think they are aware of all the travel opportunities available to people with vision loss.

Debbie M.

Re:where have all the blind people traveled?

Before you travel, here's a booklet for dog owners on How to Prepare Unique and Tasty Dog Treats, such as Chicken and Rice Drops, Trimming Weight Tuna Salad and Turkey Apple Teaser. It only takes a few minutes from the time you gather the ingredients until you whip them together.

I like the advice/guidelines for introducing new foods, feeding pups and senior dogs. It's also well formatted for the Kindle.

Re: where have all the blind people traveled?

It would be great if somenoe created a blind person tour company.

Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

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