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3D movies SUCK

so i went to the movies to the some 3d movie and of course being blind in one eye i cant see that at all and when we are trying to buy the tickets im like i cant see 3d and SOMEONE was like just wear your glasses what do you mean you cant see 3D (mind you this is yelled in front of people and very loud) i start to get embarrassed because it was embarrassing and that SOMEONE just wouldnt stop so im like its ok watever we can still see it and that only made things worse. that SOMEONE was like omg what do you mean how are we gonna go if you cant see!!!!!!!!!!!! i was trying to explain y i couldnt see 3D but it didnt matter that person was just like you need new glasses y cant you see it are you playing??? it was horrid. they had to get a refund than they came up with this bright idea of "oh we will go see the 3D movie and you can just see something else" so they continue talking about my lack of depth perception and blah blah. than they walk inside and leave me to get my ticket to a Normal movie where the ticket people are just looking are strange and was horrible i dont even want to go to the movies anymore....

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Re: 3D movies SUCK

Its also kinda funny to me when people say to look thru both 3d glass lenses at the same time. That very much does not work.

Re: 3D movies SUCK

Yes. I only have light perception so I can only hear the sound. But when, for instance, the only occurrence of a movie is in 3d, what can you do but go to it. That was of couffse before I from_do Now, even though I don't have a credit card to buy anything, I can download foee movies the some shows. I just finished obsessing over Dr. Who and sad it's over.

Re: 3D movies SUCK

Yeah. If you dont have 2 working eyes, 3D doesnt really work.

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Re: 3D movies SUCK

Wow. That's... wow.

I've got to say, I hate 3D movies too. As someone with no useful vision, I don't see (no pun intended) the attraction. But my friends are all amazed with them, so I've got to fork over an extra two or three bucks to see an already overpriced movie.

Re: 3D movies SUCK

My friends never would have done that to me and I am sorry your friends did. I do not know where you all live but there are many theaters and Imax movies that provide audio discription. Check out to find a theater near you. Also, has a large library of movies and TV shows that are audio described for no cost. you just need to be a member which is free.

Re: 3D movies SUCK

I pretty much stopped going to the movies a while ago, which is kinda hard because I love movies - I actually hope to be filming my first movie later this year. I figure, might as well do it before I can't.

One of the hardest parts of our disease is that unless you have a cane or something, no one believes you or no one understands - you just look awkward and foolish to them. I had one guy once yell at me and say "if you can't see in here why don't you just get a wheelchair!" to which I almost punched him in the face. He's lucky I didn't.

If you do continue to go to movies, make sure you don't go to 3D ones :)

Re:3D movies SUCK

man i wish i didnt have to pay. ugh

Re:3D movies SUCK

Dude, your friends suck! I'm sorry. And i thru a fit, so I only had to pay normal ticket prise not 3d prise when i go. lol.

Re:3D movies SUCK

i feel your pain i am also blind but in my left eye and i went to see up in 3D i kept the glasses on because it looks weird without the glasses but i went disney world i could see the 3D show they had put on for the crowd it does suck cause i felt so alone but cool cause i know i am not the only one who feel like this

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