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Gifts for the Blind

My mother recently lost her eyesite due to radiation therapy on a pituitary tumor. I am now researching where to go to get help for her so she can begin coping with this new challenge in her life. What gifts do the blind really appreciate that either help them with daily living tasks or are just a joy to receive? Thanks for all your help!

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Re: Gifts for the Blind

Please visit my prayer site for the blind and send somenoe the gift of a prayer.

Re:Gifts for the Blind

You can go to

There are artists and crafters who can make personalized presents for blind.

For example

You can search for more, there are some cards, wall art etc

Re:Gifts for the Blind

One of the best gift would be something that will add to the independence of Low Vision or Blind Person. Zoom-Twix is especially good for students of all ages - it's a great gift by itself, and now it also comes with a free laptop and pre-loaded software. it's foldable, non-breakable, and have half a dozen features that make it stand ahead of other products of this kind. You may always find out about this (only till July 31st) or other promotions on the manufacturer (ABiSEE) site

Re:Gifts for the Blind

MP3 player headphones

Just wanted to bring these to your attention: self-contained MP3 player headphones - they're actually "sports" headphones, but the controls are on the earpiece, so have to be done by touch by even sighted people.

I found them by accident couple of years ago and have never had any problems with them. The problem is to find somewhere to make them known to people for whom they could be useful – how many visually-impaired people would think to search for "sports headphones"?

And they don't look "obviously blind" appliances!

"Mi-sport Mp3 Waterproof Headphones"

Re:Gifts for the Blind

I create handmade jewelry items in Braille for those who are blind, visually impaired or just enjoys pretty items. Please check out my website and learn more about me and the process. Thanks!

Re:Gifts for the Blind

The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) have a number of gifts available on their site in addition they have a book site containing 12,000 audio books, 7,700 braille books, 150 accessible maps and 1,600 braille music manuscripts. Not sure where they ship to outside the UK, but worth a look for ideas. The book site is certainly worth a look as most of the content is available online for an annual subscription of £50

Re:Gifts for the Blind

My name is Zelda Lancaster Lane and I am a poet. My company offers both pre-written and personalized poetry. Poetry is also available in BRAILLE for the visually impaired.


Re:Gifts for the Blind

One gift my dad appreciated was a set of locator dots. Not too exciting, but super useful for the stove, phone, microwave, etc. They're stick-on braille dots that come in several sizes, and the first thing he stuck them on were the "start" and "add one minute" buttons on the microwave so he could use it. They're just a nice way to modify existing (non-talking) electronics and household things.

Re:Gifts for the Blind

Hello! My name is Julie and I began making Braille gifts for my niece a few years ago and have since started a business called 'BRAILLE'iant!. I make personalized Braille jewelry and T-shirts. I think it is really unique as I know fashionable gifts and accesories for blind and v.i. children and adults are hard to come by. Check it out...

Re:Gifts for the Blind

I bought my Grandpa a talking microwave a few years ago as a gift and he still talks about it. It has allowed him to keep some independence, which is extremely important to him.

Re:Gifts for the Blind

here is a link to a Totally Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

Re:Gifts for the Blind - Personalized Poetry

My name is Zelda Lancaster Lane and I am a poet. My company offers both pre-written and personalized poetry. My poetry is also available in BRAILLE for the visually impaired. Check out my site: Don't just make a gift special - make it extra special and unforgettable :)

Re:Gifts for the Blind

There is another website that offers products for the blind and visually impaired. It is called: They offer fun & challenging games for children and adults, Braille embroidery, talking clocks/calculators, and many other unique products. They offer great customer service too.

Re:Gifts for the Blind

Thanks so much for these websites!

Re:Gifts for the Blind

If your gift recipient likes puzzles, you might want to give them our audiobook: Audacious Audiopuzzles Book #1. It's a 2-CD collection of 40 brainteasers, logic puzzles, and lateral thinking puzzles, presented in an audiobook format.


Re:Gifts for the Blind

I recently found another great place to purchase gifts for all ages. check out

Re:Gifts for the Blind

i need some help. my blind cusin will be 18 in 8weeks and i need some help with a specail pressent. i dnt no wot to get and have no idea. can anyone help!

Re:Gifts for the Blind

My father lost his sight within 6 months, and has no desire to learn brail. I have sent him some gifts he really liked. One was a talking wrist watch that tells him the time. Also a bedside talking alarm clock. He also liked using a "Finder" , where he keeps a little box, like a car alarm key chain device in his pocket, and places a reciever on his wallet so it sends out a beep when he can't find his wallet. Obviously good for other things you lose. I also have given him an indoor/outdoor talking thermometer. There's tons of web sites where you can buy all kinds of things and get some good ideas. My problem is I'm running out of gadgets to give as gifts!

Re:Gifts for the Blind

I have a 20 year old blind son. He lost his eye sight when he was just 5 months due to an optic glioma. He is now 20 and boy is it hard to find gift for him that are inovative and fun. He is a very quiet person and does not ask for much. Can anyone help?

Re:Gifts for the Blind

Paula –

Thank you for your interest in helping out. If you tell me the city (or nearest larger city) and state where you live, I can fix you up with some places that need your help and are easy for you to get to.

Nursing homes, hospitals, senior centers and schools/colleges all have need for readers to read everything for mail and magazines to books. There is also need in these places for other kinds of help. These opportunities are everywhere, and perhaps this is where you can find something you would like to do.

Thank you again.

Re:Gifts for the Blind

I am a person who can see who would like to use my gift in helping anyway i can. Can anyone give me some information on organizations i can volunteer for? Or where to get started.
Thanks, Paula

Re:Gifts for the Blind


Re:Gifts for the Blind

My friend like Knik Knacks, but hates to break them, so she receives alot of Beanie Babies and musical stuffed animals. Valentines Day is a great time to find some really cute ones. She also likes flowers that have a beautiful fragrance. Hugs are the best gift and the thre words, "I Love You". Cathy

Re:Gifts for the Blind

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