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help im going blind and im scared

Hi my name is amanda and last november i went blind in my left eye and at first they diagnoised me with optic neuritisis but now they dont know what it is so i feel your concern im only 15 and i am so scared

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Re: help im going blind and im scared

Dear Amanda: It is scary! I'm SCARED! There is no way around it. I was diagnose with ARMD almost 10 years ago at age 48. Shortly thereafter my X left me. Any great tragedy involves the 7 stages of grief. Grief refers to a loss. My vision loss has been gradual but very real; it will only get worse. I've lived in denial since I was diagnosed but denial is becoming harder. I've yelled at God, felt helpless, asked, "Why me?", felt that I must have done something bad, feel guilty for going blind and needing help, been so damn depressed and cried and cried some more. It's a difficult disability. People look at us and don't know how the world looks on the other side of our eyes. I am very strong, independent, capable, self-sufficient and...I hide it well. No one wants to be labeled disabled or need to admit to needing help. The hardest battle I face is that I don't know how to go blind or where to turn. I ask my voc rehab counselor where to go for help or what services might be available and all he can say is, "Go on the internet." "Thanks..." Ask and you shall receive. Begin asking for help. Find one place to ask and if they can't give you answers don't stop asking! "Thank you for your help do you know anyplace else I might be able to turn to get answers?" You might have to make 100 calls but, eventually, you will find someone who will give you the right answers to maneuver the maze of going blind. It is alright to be scared. It is alright to ask for help. I grasp that you are young but you will fight many demons in your lifetime. You can fight this one, also!

Re:help im going blind and im scared

Im 14,i go to east middle school,at 1st grade i was terribly near AND far sighted,but at 4th, i became blind in my right eye,its a scary phase,ik how you feel,and the worst,im also VERY blue eyed,what causees it? the pigment,the color,but it isnt the end of the world,be grateful you get to live :)

Re:help im going blind and im scared

I know what you mean. I'm 16 years old and have De Morsier Syndrome. I am at a VERY high risk for retianal detachment at any time at my life. I know how it is to live in fear. Yes, there are days when I am terrified about it and other days I have a peace that its going to be okay. Just remember, blindness isn't the end of the world. You can go on and live. i know that it sounds scary but there is help. Go to a rehab centre or talk to someone you trust. Feel free to e-mail me at so we can talk.

Re:help im going blind and im scared

just recently found out my wife is going blind. scared here too

Re:help im going blind and im scared

The first two replies really have it write. You may hope for the best but you need to be prepared for the worst. Get your help now. Learn to cope, this is not the end of anything unless you let it be the end.


Re:help im going blind and im scared

Hello I'm name is Sean and hope what I'm about to type helps out:

1st. Calm yourself and lo at the scense your in, don't think the world is ending because of vision lost.

2. Learn to low vision aids or blindness aids.

3. Learn to use the White Cane,

and finally it is respectable to be blind.

If you want a bit more info: email me

Re:help im going blind and im scared

hey My name is carol.I know how you feel scared going blind. I have rp so I am loseing my eyesight for now tunnel viison.I was afaid to lose my I sight buy went to a rehab place to get help and ready when I lose eyesight. You ever though to a rehab to get some confdient in life. things will turn out fine take one day at a time. carol and sly in ca

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