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No Explaination being blind in one eye

When my son was 4 years old he went to the eye doctor for the first time, they told me that he had what they called lazy eye. So they suggested that we put drops in his good eye so he would be forced to use the other eye. Well that did not work so then we did the patch on his eye for awhile, still nothing. My son have been to several eye phsicians and specialist. And they say there is nothing that can be done to correct his vision. They say he suffers from congential legal blindness. His left eye corrects to normal vision with a slight optical correctin (glasses). They tell me that there is no treatment available that offers any improvement for the vision in the right eye. he fucntions well with his left eye but has not depth perception. His color vision is normal. I was wondering if any one has the similar problems as my son and if there is anything that can be done to help him. An would he be considered legally blind and quaifily for SSI. If anyone could help me out or explain to me what I can do for him. It would greatly appericated.

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Re: No Explaination being blind in one eye

I have a daughter who has been legally blind in her left eye since she was a toddler. I have had her to specialists and eye doctors from all over. I tried patching her eye, putting drops in her "good" eye to strengthen her bad eye and all that did was make her cry because she couldn't see at all. I finally told the specialist that she couldn't see anything and he told me there was nothing he could do. Now her "good" eye is showing strains from having to do all the work. She gets frequent headaches and she just had another eye exam, and her "good" eye was worse than six months ago. Any suggestions? She has a new lense and she sits up front in school. I'm concerned that her "good" eye will keep getting worse and will it eventually buckle under the strain? I'm very concerned!!!!

Re: No Explaination being blind in one eye

I have the same thing I am 22 years old and been living with it. It started when I was 2. I did all the things your son did and nothing worked. It wouldn't stop him from doing anything. It didn't stop me but there is really nothing that can fix sorry

Re: No Explaination being blind in one eye

So I know I am posting this is way late but I was wondering how he has done in the past few years with this?

I have pretty much the same problem and can work around it. I am 20 now and to this day I still some depth perception issues. I always have to look at stairs and often times at the ground when I walk. I miss stairs or miscalculate steps if I don't. My hand eye coordination isn't horrible but it isn't great.

I also have noticed at least for me I have a higher light sensitivity than my friends. I wear sunglasses a lot. Sometimes when no one else does because my good eye is striving harder it is still pretty bright to me. I also tend to get headaches every once in a while due to the strain.

Also I don't know if you ran into this problem yet but my parents did. When I was younger I would often lay my bad eye down on my hand when I was writing because I could see movement in the peripheral of it sometimes and it was distracting. My teachers would mistake it for me falling asleep in class.

Also while I can see blurs and slight movement I can now sort of guess what objects are based on the familiarity of blurs when I close my good eye but it is rare. I can make out exactly what it is when it is right in front of my face.

I hope this helps even though I'm way down the line

Re: No Explaination being blind in one eye

I wish I were blind in just one eye.

Re: No Explaination being blind in one eye

I had a brain surgery to remove a tumor when I was 5. Since then, I have been fully blind in my right eye and have tunnel vision in my n left. I am 19 now. I wasn't allowed to do many of the sports I wanted to when I was little and in the classroom its best to sit closer to the room. Most schools offer accommodations for visual impairments. Some will require you bring in certain documents proving it. For me, I am not allowed to drive mainly because of the tunnel vision in my left eye. Depending on your sons field of vision, his opthamologist should be able to determine his ability to drive. I hope this advice is helpful. I'm sure your son will get through this. It gets harder to cope with as you get older.

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

I was born blind in one eye There has been no medical conclusion

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

Hi, I was born with a lazy left eye. I am not 46 years old and cannot really see out of my left eye. I do have floaters in my left eye, but I no longer notice them. I am living a full life with one eye. Most of my life I just blocked it out that I had one eye. There are probably only 2 people in my life that knows that I am blind in one eye. I am not sure why I am ashamed of it. Since I am older, I think it is more noticable that my left eye is damage goods. The only thing I have allowed my eye to hindered me from is public speaking. I don't like getting up in front of people because of my eye. My 6 year old son looked at it one day and thought my lazy eye was gross. He is one of the 2 people I told about my eye. Now he is more understanding. I cannot see 3D movies...not sure if that has to do with me being half blind. I would love to know how it feels to see out of 2 eyes. However, I am thankful to God I have one good eye! Hope this helps! Your son will be fine.

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

26 here, lazy eye from birth in my right eye... don't know about the ssi and as far as all the eye doctors i go to to get my glasses tell me no treatment or correction possible yet not even laser surgery atm. depth perception as far as i know is null and void, however after the awkward younger years of learning to deal with this condition your son should start to make subtle and hardly noticable compensations for most actions, most noticable one might be to walk closer to walls on the left so he doesn't bump into them. aside from learning to compensate for most actions he'll perform in everyday life he should be fine i can drive (so be it i have to be very careful) and do alot of things just can't do them like everyone else who has two eyes... 1 more thing i might point later for later adult life for him is that he should try and make any coworkers aware of his condition (may or may not work) so that they don't expect him to perform at the same pace or as well as they do :D.

Re:I have exactly what your son has

Hi i am 22 and i have this same condition. I was born cross eyed and had corrective surgery when i was 5. However i did not have FULL vision in my right eye. i have about 50% if not a little more in my right eye. it is hard to explain what you can and can’t see. Its almost like there are little picas of vision missing that make it hard to see details. The thing that bothers me the most about this condition is that my right eye tends to become lazy and drift, Especially when I’m tired. Its frustrating and embarrassing.
In order to keep the mescal as strong as possible. Whenever i have a few minutes i will cover my left eye and let the right one work for a while and I can acutely feel a little bit of difference.

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

I'm 19 years old, and went through a lot of what your son is going through, the drops, the patches, and eventually had eye surgery when I was 7 years old.... While this worked for a while, I have lost sight in my right eye... Just warning you about the possibilities...

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

I am 23 y.o and have been completely blind in my right eye all my life. The doctors told my mom that my eye was lazy and put a patch over my Left eye to force my right eye to see. It never worked! I have had a normal life. I drive, I graduated from college and I am a RN. Your body does amazing things to adjust. I have issues with depth perception and as a child ran into everything, but I adjusted. Now, no one would know unless I told them. My right eye is a little smaller than the left, but looks normal. However my right eye is deteriorating (on the inside), and now I might need to have it removed. I have been told that this was probably going to eventually happen, but I have chosen not to deal with it until I have to. There are really not a lot of resources out there, but find a good specialist.


Blind in right eye Total had a accident can never get a straight answer on ssi benefits can someone help?

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

How's your son handling it? Bet he doesn't even really notice it, now, right? I was born with a "weak optic nerve" so I've always been blind in my left eye. The only thing I'm missing out on are those "magic" pictures where you see an object after staring for so long. Or the fly test at the doctor's office. I've never seen the darn bug's wings come off the paper.

Really the only nuisance he'll find is when going to the eye doctor and getting a very wet behind the ears junior having him do all the tests over and over, trying to get him to cooperate and not believing him when he says he's blind in one eye! That only happens to me every once in a while.

I am blind in one eye

I am Blind in one eye. I had a fever seizure at the age of one (my parents think) i had a reaction to the medicine they gave me for it i had half the sight in my right eye til i was about 7 or 8 then it went all out, we went to a doctor when i was young and he said it was scar tissue behind my eye and he said it was unfixable but he also said it wouldnt get any worse (and it wouldnt get any better) but it did get worse i am totally blind in that eye now, i am now 13 years old and its hard to live with one eye so i am trying to find out if there is any surgery that will help this if anyone has any information on this please let me know,

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

I myself am looking into this current question.. I have been fully blind in my one for approximately 2 years. I am 30 years old and it is rather bothersome mentally. Especially when it occurs @ a young adult age. SSI is a very strange issue when it comes to this.. being partially blind can have other effects also.. such as chronic migrane headaches, excessive eye strain, floating eye etc.. one other very difficult problem of my own is lack of depth perception. Depth perception is essentially none existant, mostly because I learned w/ 2 eyes. Now depth perception is faked by using shadows and other key visual objects. This works to a certain extent, EXCEPT when it becomes dark (there are no shadows and visually you see little as is). For example raindrops on a window while driving are extremely difficult, as well as the lights from other automobiles (especially the rear view). Your one good eye will tend to fixate on these objects by natural reflex. After my acccident ((i suffer from optical traumatic neuropathy) aka a blow to the head that sends a vibration that kills most connections to the optic nerve))

As for schooling.. it is best to sit closer, often in the middle of the classroom. If the teacher moves around alot in class one side to the other maybe a little farther back, your field of vision has been narrowed by about 33%. I honestly believe individuals born with this would have a much easier time than myself because daily I remember what I had.. and what I no longer have. Still to this day I make stupid mistakes that bother me...

when someone goes to hand me back my credit card, pointing at me in the narrow fashion. I will miss it. Learning to deal w/ the lack of depth perceptions is the most difficult aspect. Myself dealing w/ the fact that one part of my body feels essentially dead is another bothersome aspect. It's like having a limb on your body present, but you can't control or move it.

The eyes also naturally follow eachother. This in time can cause a "float".. They have seen only a slight slight float between my 2 eyes. They tell me that it is not noticeable to b/c it is only a milimeter or so. There is no fix for this other than adjusting the tension in the muscles attached to the eye. People w/ my problem often can see SLIGHT shadows. I was told the only fix for this was regaining vision and working both eyes together. Within the last week I created a patch for my good eye out of material that only allows slight shadows to come through. I'm attempting to use this several hours a day to make both eyes work in unison together. Of course I couldn't walk outside or navigate down a stairway with this on. But just by sitting and fixating on objects outlines and boarders I hope to make both eyes continue to work together.

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

Heres some other useful info:
* About the SSI check with your state's SSI office they will let you know about SSI, I did recieve it when I was younger.
*College.. I know its a long time away but, your states Department of Work Force Development(DVR) will pay for him to either find a full time job with training or pay for college/books. Because he is "half blind" he is always considered disablied in there eyes... Thought you would find that intresting... Hope to talk soon..

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

I probley have a pretty well understanding of this. I am 23 years old and was born at 23 weeks (1pd. 13 ounces). Because technology was not as great as it is today, the doctor couldnt do anything. I have have no vision in my right eye and have vision in my left, but have to wear thick glasses. I do know now that if they do find that blood vessels burst they can fix it with lazers, but your son is to old.. I wish they had something like that for eyes who are blind already... Your son will be ok. I didn't have the best time in school with kids making fun of my glasses, but this I have learned the smaller you get his glasses the smaller the lens is and the less noticeable... ANY questions don't hesitiate to ask... He will be find and don't worry about it. People who know of my eye always ask how can I see... This is what I tell them.. I can see the same as you because, I was born like this and have never know any diffrent..It is totally true you adapt to your surroundings... I am always hoping that they come up with something...

Re:No Explaination being blind in one eye

I am 71 years old and have always been blind in one
eye. I graduated, worked as a personnel secretary,
worked as a bank teller and bookeeper, & still drive a car.
I never felt anything was wrong This was first noticed
in the 1st grade. I must have compensated for whatever
harm this may have done. Carol

Re:No Eplaination being blind in one eye

i am the same way i cant see any thing it all blurry i have to wear thick glasses

Re:No Eplaination being blind in one eye

You must mean legally blind in his right eye, right? Legal blindness is 20/200 with best correction. He can probably see stuff but it's blurry and out of focus. He can't read print and he might have trouble seeing the board in school, right?

To qualify for "bilateral legal blindness" you must be legally blind in both eyes.

Re:No Eplaination being blind in one eye

Ask your son's optometrist about Coloboma. This story sound very similar to mine. They patched me and couldn't figure anything out when it didn't work. Then they figured out I had this disease called Coloboma. I'm not considered legally blind, so I just say I'm "partially sighted". It's strue; I do have some sight left, even though there's no depth perception.

my email is

Good luck! God bless you!
Athena Roumelis

Re:No Eplaination being blind in one eye

I have just learned about two books you might want to look into. Both are out of print but Amazon does have them at the moment. They are Monocular vision training
by Mildred Smith Evans abd Monocular visual acuity of persons 4-74 years, United States, 1971-1972 (Vital and health statistics : Series 11, Data from the National Health Survey ... from the health examination survey ; no. 201)
by Jean Roberts . The second book sounds a little technical but the first one sounds as though it might be very helpful. I have been told that depth perception in individuals with one eye can improve.

Good luck.

Re:No Eplaination being blind in one eye

Legal blindness refers to clinically measured visual acuity of 20/200 in the better eye with best correction, or visual field of 20 degrees or less.

Your son would not be considered either legally blind or eligible for SSI. We have repeatedly checked the Internet for information on blindness affecting only one eye without much success. In most, if not all states, he will be able to get a driver's license. Ask you doctor if there are ways you can help him improve his depth perception.

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