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Requesting screen reader recommendation

Hi, I am finally on the verge of updating my system (new computer, new operating system, new screen reader etc.). I am currently a Windoweyes user, and all things being equal, would prefer to stay with G. I already have a relationship with them, and frankly, it will be cheaper than Jaws. That said, I am open to alternatives. Most of my screen reader usage involves web surfing and e-mailing. However, I would like to begin learning digital ediiting programs such as Adobe Audition and other software related to music and broadcasting. Is there one screen reader that is superior at handling digital editing and recording software? In general, for web surfing, are the open source free screen reader programs sufficient? Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Requesting screen reader recommendation

I dropped JAWS for NVDA some years back and haven't looked back. If you don't like the voice just either use a different variant on ESpeak, use the free Microsoft Speech Platform 11 voices, or use a SAPI5 voice. there are lots more synth choices as well.

Re: Requesting screen reader recommendation

Hi there, I'd like to work with Audition from Adobe or Logic or Cubase. I work with JAWS or VoiceOver from Apple. Is there anybody who has experience with?
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Kindly, Marcel

Re: Requesting screen reader recommendation

I use Jaws and it works fine if you use the Window s commands.

Re:Requesting screen reader recommendation

I am glad someone brought up this topic as I did not know there were other choices besides Window Eyes and JFW. Might have to do a little self ed about NVDA. On work computer have the latest JFW but on the home computer, primarily used for email and light web surfing have JFW 6. I like the older versions of JFW jaws for windows in that one had to open the form field, whereas some times the new version clicks when a new form field is open, but seemingly gets hung up there on sites like Facebook or My Space., and forward tab usually resolves that frickin issue. I guess all of the screen readers require low to no graphics though in order to function best. Gotta go, see you folk later.

Re:Requesting screen reader recommendation

Hay need help with nvda use xp can some one help me pleas thankshears my email

Re:Requesting screen reader recommendation

I also had a trouble with that when I was in college. I am so much interested in using the adobe but I can't. Yes, they are saying that NVDA is good, but I have not tried it yet because of its voice. Is there already an improvement? Hope to hear more from you guys. Thanks.

Re:Requesting screen reader recommendation

Best choice for reading the web is CleanPage.

What it does is it strips all web noises and extracts the main text content. The main text is then spoken aloud or fit on the screen in a low vision version.

To read a web news, I simply press key shortcut ALT+N to have my PC read only the main article out loud to me. Or, press ALT+K to have the main article displayed in low vision version -- 64-point font size with white font over black background. In fact, I can set it to display in any color, font type and size, even the line height!

Amazing software! It's no longer free though.

Re:Requesting screen reader recommendation

hey you should try NVDA. it's free. and works with windows7, windows vista, windows xp. not sure if it works with windows 2000

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