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60 year old gay blind man looking for relationship...

Hi, I'm totally blind in one eye and have about 50% in the other. A retired Episcopal priest I carry on an active counselling service (free), and am still very involved in music which has always been my second career... I am not a religious nut, so don't worry. I consider myself more under the spell of "spirituality" than religion. I'm looking for a younger man, preferrably under 45 years. You can get hold of me at:
I will not reply to requests from outside eastern North America. Interested persons should consider relocating to my home in Southern Canada (near Montreal). Hoping to hear from you - Glenn

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Re: 60 year old gay blind man looking for relationship...

I am replying to my own article because I have been harassed by people applying from outside North America, particularly Third World countries, who think this post of a blind man is somehow a "ticket" towards another life. People from the Third World are mistakenly under the impression that all North Americans are wealthy. I wonder how many other blind people on this site have been harassed by this type of person?
I made the mistake of talking with one of these and when I came to my senses ended up with a predator who would not leave me alone.
My advice is NEVER leave your email. Always work directly through the AFB.
For those of you from outside North America who may be reading this post, my email of is no longer functional, and all past postings I have made are null and void. No contacts will be answered.
Thank you. Please be warned.
From somebody who has been badly bitten.

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