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A gril from China want to make friend

my name is shina,I am going to Australia as a overseas student next hometown is Tieling of Liaoning Province,I believed that many people know this city ,because the famous comic star Zhao benshan..
i'm 22 years old and study in university.
I have kind heart ,i like to talk with all ind people and help them.that's make me happy.
Actully,i'm not good at english,but i want make friend to practice my english.i want make friend just like me have a kind heart ,i have confidence we'll becoming good friend!
This is my
you could leave you email ,i will contact you

I hope everybody make frienor d with me,i'm waiting.....

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Re: A gril from China want to make friend

my name is abby and I want to make friends as well. I know it's late for a reply but I thought I should post one anyway. I'm 19. Feel free to e-mail me at thanks!

Re: A gril from China want to make friend

Hello how is it being blind n china
Im ish a male 23 m california

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