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Any nice guys out there in Southern California that want to meet a nice partially sighted woman

I am not perfect but am a tall, thin, attractive (I think so as do my friends…lol), single white woman looking for that special person to share life’s adventures. Joys are twice a joy and sorrows are one half the sorrow when shared by two people. I am a non smoker, social drinker, and don't do drugs or one night stands. It is most important to get to know someone reasonably well before engaging in sex. I have a great personality, a smile that lights up my face, very romantic, loving, funny, honest, sincere and a very loyal person who likes movies, walks along the beach, traveling to see the great outdoors, eating out, watching tv with someone special, etc. And with the right guy, I enjoy cuddling, kissing, and in time great sex with that special person as well.
What I am looking for is someone who has the same values and similar interests as I do and is looking for a partner for the rest of their life. My special person is white and of a comparable age (simply my personal preferences), does not smoke, , does not do drugs, drinks socially, and is not married or involved in a current relationship. Someone who believes in the old fashion values of life and knows how to treat and appreciate a woman and can share their life with her. I will do nothing less in return for him.

Ok, if you have gotten this far, then this is the part that I tell you why I am not perfect (am close but no cigar…lol). I am visually impaired and, although live alone and quite independent, I do need an extra set of eyes to help me outside the house when in unfamiliar territory. I also cannot drive as a result of my vision impairment. I am looking for that someone with compassion and understanding who will stand by my side, just like I will for him. Life is an incredible journey and a special loving relationship between two people is a powerful engine to enhance the trip.

If my thoughts resonate with you, let's talk. Please contact me at

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Re: Any nice guys out there in Southern California that want to meet a nice partially sighted woman

Hello im ish im gonna b n l a
Where do u live

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