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any one from Ohio

hello everyone, I'm from Warren, Ohio. That is near Youngstown, about an hour from Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Just checking to see if any one is in that area that I can stay in touch with.

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Re: any one from Ohio

I am Katherine...Born in Richmond hts Ohio...moved to MA when I was 21 and moved back in 2008 to help my aging father...Was going blind before moving back to OH due to chronic Lyme disease (undiagnosed for 25 years -two children later-bit by infected tick when I was 12) Optic neuritis & I am loosing my nerves to my legs as well..cannot walk more than 50 yards on my own..legally blind formally as of Feb 2012-happy birthday- no more license for u-..LHOL....44 yrs old and feeling like I am 80...
No dr yet to treat me but have 2 new drs to see soon...
no chance for better vision...Hard with two teens to raise PROPERLY in this place...I felt I had more resources in MA...but now no chance to go back..

looking for houstons

looking for a angie or kim or the guys dale and ken houston, daughter tammy wants to find them, if anyone knows them please tell them i am looking for them, e mail me at

Re:any one from Ohio

hello, i am shawn, and am alsoe looking for friends in ohio. i live in cincinnati and my email is

Re:any one from Ohio

I live in Beloit, OH, about 45 minutes southwest of Youngstown. You can email me at

Re:any one from Ohio

Hi Bob. I'm from Canal fulton, Ohio. It's about an hour from Cleveland. My email address is, if you want to drop me an email.


Re:any one from Ohio

Hi Bob thanks for your e-mail. Nice to hear from you. Would like to communicate with you. My e-mail address is Hope to hear from you. Vanessa from Ohio

Re:any one from Ohio

Hello I am from Massachusetts and I am legally blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa also looking for someone to chat with as I do believe it helps. Thnaks and wishing you well!

Bob S.

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