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Eating at a restaurant

How will you tell if a waitress will be comeing to the table tbat you are at.
So if you are eating and she comes ask you if you need any refills or how is the food.
And you will be able to talk without having food in the mouth.

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Re:Eating at a restaurant

thank you for that information6

Re:Eating at a restaurant

I can hear even if I have no vision. When the wait person comes to my table, he or she asks if I need a re-fill. I swallow and then answer her. Same goes for putting in an order. She or he says, "What do you want to order." I speak. I get my food. Then my mouth will be used. The mouth being full problem is an imaginary one. Any waitress or waiter will pause long enough for anybody, sighted or blind, to swallow before speaking. Having one's mouth full is something both sighted and blind people do and wait staff is used to waiting until a customer swallows before the customer begins to speak. So, go enjoy eating out and hope this reduces your concern about it.

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