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I am the Director of Granby Spirit of All Recreation Society (SOARS), Inc., a nonprofit organization working with parks and recreation in Granby, MA. Our current imitative is to raise funds to build a handicap and blind interpretive loop at the Dufresne Park to provide accessibility to everyone equally. Could the below article be posted in your news line? If you cannot post on your news line, could you suggest other alternatives?

Thank you for time and attention to this request. If you should have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at, by calling 413-467-7606 or by mailing me at 17 High Street, Granby, MA 01033.




Free to all, yet inaccessible to many

By granbysoars | Posted 7 hours ago | Granby, Massachusetts


Granby SOARS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization consisting of all volunteers who make time to raise funds and provide work details for Dufresne Park, Granby, MA. The park is utilized by residents and visitors alike; minutes away from Westover Joint Air Reserve Base, who has returning military members. It’s free to the public, seven days a week and a host to numerous free events such as concerts, fishing derbies, sporting events, horse shows, play dates, dog area, trails etc.

Granby SOARS is on the move again… fighting to make a difference in a constantly moving world of freedom, economics, health, and natural disasters…simple pleasures in life are not so simple to come by for some. Taking a walk around a park, fishing with your child, playing on the playground can become a chore if not impossible for some. During the past year, we’ve noticed a significant increase of people on crutches, walking frames, wheel chairs, scooters, and people with limited eye sight, attempting to use the park, yet finding it too rough and uneven to navigate successfully and having to cut their visit short. The pathways are dirt/grass based, uneven due to weather, roots, and stones. A level trail, with adequate spaced benches, Braille signs and wheelchair accessible picnic tables will open the accessibilities to those who are limited.

There is nothing more precious than family/friend quality time and fond memories. Make it possible for individuals with limitations to participate. Whether it’s attending a family picnic, a free concert, the ability to fish alone or monitor a child at play, it’s a dreams come true!

SOARS is asking you to pass the word, donate or volunteer. A moment of your time to change and impact the life of many is the most rewarding experience a person can feel and is truly appreciated!

Contact can be made through and donations may be made through the below link:

Thank you for your support and for making the world a better place one corner at a time.

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