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Hi there guys! Just looking for some advice...

Well, I just joined this site because I Need some advice on how to learn to kook! I know this sounds stupid, but, at the age of 21, don't really know how to do it; so I'd like women to give me some tips to get started. I've never been in a site like this before, because I'm not much into orgatisations for blind people and things like that, but since I don't thing I can get this kind of help somewhere else, i decided to give it a try. Plus I'm not in contact with blind people, only with my 7 childhook friends and they're in the same situation as me. Well, hope anyone can help. Thanks! Oh, would be great if I could meet some sighted ones interested in blind people as well.

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Free cooking lessons if you want them

I'd be happy to give you free phone or email cooking lessons. If you have a cellphone or a chordless phone you can put on speaker I would be happy to give you weekly cooking lessons. I probably don't live near you, but I'd be happy to help. I love to cook and to teach. It would work something like this. I'd send you a questionaire to figure out exactly what you do and do not know about cooking and to figure out what you want to learn to cook. Then we'd come up with some recepies you are interested in. You tell me the dish and I will come up with the recepie. I will send you a list of ingrediants you will need before the lesson and you can get them. I can list money saving tips or shopping tips if you have a fixed income and or unreliable shopping helpers, and I can offer substitution options. For instance, if we are going to make bolognaise sauce and veal is too expensive for you or you are morally opposed to it I would suggest some ground chuck roast. I can give you as much or as little help as you want. We can start as simple as you want. The first lesson might be cutting up fruit for a fruit salad or jumping right in and cooking a simple pasta dish. We could start with basic food from cans, jars, mixes and frozen foods and work up to making things from scratch. I am also able to make product recomendations, if say, you want to buy a bread machine, a good frying pan or a crock pot. I ask for no money, but if you have a skill you would like to trade like website design, finantial planning, you make crafts or have other skills you'd like to share that's fine, if not, then just the openness to recommending me in future would be plenty. If you'd like to do this please email me at I hope this helps. I know its not the same as having someone there in person, but it does work well, I have done it before. Oh, also, if you have an iPhone and can do face time, I have a sighted husband who can face time if you need a package read or to know if the roast is still pink in the middle or whatever. Have a great day.

Re: Hi there guys! Just looking for some advice...

Hey! What do you want to learn how to cook? I love cooking and cook pretty good. There are loads of tips and tricks for cooking with out sight. :)

Re: Hi there guys! Just looking for some advice...

Good day to you my friend, I am a blind man as well, it is hard to cook, but I am still learning it. Some rehab would be a good start, they can be right be side you and assist.
Have a great day.
Terry B.

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