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I'm not perfect (but who is) just looking for a companionship

That's right I'm not perfect and don't claim to be. I'm a healthy white woman, I'm as healthy as the next person.
Except that I have RP, which mean I am partially sighted, but not totally blind, I can still get around like anyone else, just need a little help every one and then.
I'm a widow, non smoker, social drinker, and don't do drugs or one night stands and not into casual sex.
I am a very normal person who likes the normal things, movies, sports walks along the beach, traveling, eating out, watching tv with someone special.
I have a great personality, I have been told that my smile lights up my face, I am very romantic, loving, honest, sincere, faithful, trustful and a very loyal person.
What I am looking for is someone who has the same values as I do and is looking for friendship and possible partner for rest of their life, to share the bad and good times with.
Getting old sucks, lets face it, getting old is not a bowl of cherries and it is even harder being alone, but having that special person to share your life with makes it easier to grow old with.
I am looking for someone who is between the ages of 50 and 65, white, does not smoke, drinks socially, doesn't do drugs, and isn't married or is attached. And most important believes that sex is something that should be special between two people that like each other and not a casual thing to do to see if you are any good in bed before getting to know them.
Someone who believes in the old fashion values of life and know how to treat a women and appreciates a woman for who she is inside her heard and not as a piece of furniture and be taken for granted, and wants to share his life with her. I will in return treat like the most important person in my life, you are the center of my life and you will feel like a king. Please if you are just looking for to play games or just fishing, don't contact me, I'm only interested in someone who is serious is there is such a person out there any more, if you think that is you let's talk.

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Re: I'm not perfect (but who is) just looking for a companionship

Go Elmar the Music Man XX, Sarah loaded up her cell-phone with a fresh load of extra minutes! 2 years apart but I'm sure so you live together longer and die together not a long-time apart.

Nancy, I had a vision of your mother smiling at me after I responded to a news article about Canada.
Nancy G., if that is you stalking me and setting me up waiting for me to walk by on regular times to work or back home exactly the same time every day,) I will have to walk down to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and file a restraining order for you to stay away from me unless you introduce me to your parents and talk to my mom first. Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America can be paradise, but at the same time you can unexpectedly be mugged with a pistol and sexually harassed. Please be aware that the blue dress you wore on TV for me (I know how the other one looked too, you're unforgettable,) other people with evil intentions might try to pretend to be you by using a similar dress. The last place I thought I might have had a illusion/delusion/imaginary-vision of you was where a grown woman with her 2 babies, and a recent born baby inside the carriage, was ran over by a drunk driver. Please be careful (all dead)! My phone number is (seven-zero-two) eight-eight-four-seven-five-six-four. I might be moving to Klamath Falls, Oregon to attend the Institute of Technology, University of Oregon (just so you know.)

Re: I'm not perfect (but who is) just looking for a companionship

Hello rosesforlinda,

I am glad I found your post.

My name is Gloria and recently widowed. I lost my dearly beloved last year and it is pretty lonely without him.

I hope you find some one to spend the rest of your life with. I cannot love another like I love my late husband. He is still the love of my life.

Sorry for babbling on and on. I know it must be pretty rough for you also.

Here is my email address if you feel like contacting me. I would be honored to hear from you.

re: Thats some tender humanoty

Im also in my 20s . sodenly wishing I was 50 . My hart gos out to you roses4linda

Re:I'm not perfect (but who is) just looking for a companionship

Hello, Andrew from Michigan, my name is Sarah and I'm 18. I'm only looking for friends and nothing beyond friendship. I'm lonely and I would really enjoy talking on the phone. I'm blind due to ROP Retinopathy of Prematurity. I'm currently trying to get a guide dog. Are your dogs guide dogs or pets? I have 3 pet dogs, 5 horses, and 2 cats. I love animals, I have a special way with animals.

Re:I'm not perfect (but who is) just looking for a companionship

I wanted to say that your words, your ideas are as beautiful as the life itself, I am only 25, but i wish that you find the person your looking for. good luck

Re:I'm not perfect (but who is) just looking for a companionship


I'm Andrew in Michigan. I'm legally blind due to RP but I can see a little bit. I'm 48 and I'm not looking for a relationship beyond friendship and I'm just looking to talk on the phone NO SEX CHAT ALLOWED AT ALL... I'm single and NOT looking, but AM looking for friends! I don't use the computer - probably the last person on the planet, but I love to communicate/talk I enjoy listening to books on tape. If you would consider being a NORMAL friend of mine (by real telephone only) I'd really like to talk to you...and listen to you. Not an every day thing, just once in a while. I have two dogs I LOVE and I live with my father. I have two sisters. Thanks for reading this. I'm not the man of your dreams, but I'm a very nice person anyway. Ha ha. My sister is typing this for me for obvious reasons, any questions or problems (like how to contact me / you can get by emailing her at NO FUNNY STUFF - I'm very smart! I will not travel ... but I will be a fantastic pal if you would like to make a REAL friend in LIFE (by phone) / not an internet friend...remember real friends?

Thanks for reading this. I think you understand my visual experience so I wrote to you.

Nancy (my sister) does not live with us, she's just helping me out here. Once we become friends she isn't the go-between for us, she's just helping me out for now.

Nancy can send you picture of me.
I'm pretty average looking they say.
I don't really care about that.

I don't want to just talk about blindness - that's boring.
Let's talk about what we love to do!

Thanks again for reading, very nice meeting you.

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