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Just wanting to talk

I can see very well, but the concept of the loss of sight ponders my mind and I know some may find it rude, I would like to talk to a blind person and see what it is like for them. Just everyday life, and if you want to talk about something else, lets do it. Feel free to message me at That is an active email that I check regularly

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Hello new to this

I just joined afb, I have been legally blind my whole life but have managed to work in NYC as a videoconference engineer and technician for years. I am finally at the point where my sight just can't handle the work and the commute... trying to restart my life and feel positive about it. It's not the end of the world it's just the fear of the unknown...
anyone wishing to talk please feel free
best regards

Re: Just wanting to talk


My name is TJ and I have a conference / chat line primarily for visually impaired callers but everyone is welcome! You can visit or call me at: (443) 732-0341 and I would be happy to talk to you.. about being blind or other related topics..

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