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Living Without Love Because of One Eye

My Name Is Ajay. I have lost my one eye from my childhood becasue of injury since then i am facing lots of problems because of one eye. I dont have love in my life.

any one want to know more me so please mail me

my id is free for every one

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Re:Living Without Love Because of One Eye

hey, i too am one eyed. I studied engineering and then got married to a normal doctor girl. So dont loose hopes. In case the defect can be seen by others then u may contact Dr. Shanno Rani at Aligarh (U.P). She is an expert doctor for artificial plastic eye.

Re:Living Without Love Because of One Eye

Hey new friend,
I have been living with only one eye since I was 17. I lost vision in my right eye due to a head injury. I am 46 presently. Never been married, but it isn't because of my "One-Eyed" vision. There have been plenty of chances for me even though I am not rich, nor particularly good looking. It is because I haven't been willing to just "settle" for anything. Don't give up on looking for love. Love is always possible. Never give up. I would love to have a new email friend online. By the way, you have a lovely smile. I sincerely hope to hear from you soon, so we can be friends.

Re:Living Without Love Because of One Eye

thanks for ur email

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