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Meeting blind, single guys...

I have been searching the web and I have come to the conclussion I need some advice/tips on how to go about meeting blind, single guys. I know they must be out there, so how do I get in touch with them? I see a lot of blind females with postings, but hardly any for males. Do the guys not want to meet anyone? I'm at a loss any help would be some help. DJ

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Re: Meeting blind.

I have a friend who is blind and would like to find someone for him. It breaks my heart that when women find that he is blind the silence is so complete. Southwest Iowa is where he is located.

Re: Meeting blind, single guys...


I would love to meet a nice women. Despite signing up to many online dating sites I have yet to actually have a date. From my point of view most women don't want to date a blind guy. Seems like every time I try to make a connection with a girl they always come up with an excuse why they can't date me. So far it hasn't stopped me from trying to find that special person.

From talking to some of my friends who are also blind I've found that some of them aren't interested in dating a non blind person. When I ask them why. They'll tell me that they would feel inadequate with someone who could see. It's probably due to the guy thing of wanting their girl to rely on them to do a lot of things. I don't believe you should use a balance scale to form a relationship with someone. Because if you do someone is always going to loose out.

Re: Meeting blind, single guys...

Hi, I'm Adriene. Are there any Latinos or Hispanic young men on here? Who doesn't mind an African American young lady?

Re: Meeting blind, single guys...

My name is Abdul Wahid and I live in Pakistan. I'm looking to blind single women between 22 and 35 years old for friendship and a possible relationship. I enjoy photography,computers/internet, music, learning new things, meeting new people and journaling. If you are single (Your someone) between 22 and 35years old you may write to me directly at 
P.S  I am sighted from one eye.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Um I'm not blind, but I'd very much like to meet a VI person and learn more about them and well there way of life. I find the situation being, very fasinating!!!! I'm just 19 so please no creepy stuff...

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Me again. No longer missing Vincent, Smile.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Interesting how there used to be zero attention given to this topic. Now so many.....

I want a Christian gentle, LOVING ((NO ragers!))), VI or blind single man for hugs and who live in the Dallas area. I am a BBW who swims and is into health. Must be clean and no drugs or smokers/drinkers please. Intelligence and musicians are a plus!

-Missing Vincent.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Hi I'm a blind lady lookin for friendship either bling or not.I'm 47 and would like to be able to get out once and awile I would perfer to hang with people atleast 30 to 50.I am new to this seght please email me if you are my name is Irene

Re:Meeting blind, single women...

Hullo to everyone, I am Albert, maybe I am a little bit out of....well I am not a blind man, but I would really wish to know blind friends, I desire to explore beyond.

Thank you and God bless you

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Hi my name is Brad i am not blind but i would love tohave a friendship/relationship with someone who is.I would really be good to you if you give me a chance.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

i am newly blind/ lv in iowa female, 35 and would love to talk to others about activities meetings making new friend

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

want to meet blind lady 45-53.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

where do you see single blind women posting on here? i'm a single male looking for friends or more :)

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Hi everyone
I'm now to this board and I don't know how old this thread is, I just found it searching on how to meet blind singles.

I'm a male in Nothern California. I'm having trouble meeting new people period. I would like to meet new interesting friends blind or not.



I am a handsom devil looking for a slim patite blond girl in Texas

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

it's me again, i hope to get an answer thank you

Re:Meeting blind, single woman

ps: i also have a email at i am from indiana.

Re:meeting a single blind woman

hello i am michael 41. easy going guy who is loving and caring. looking to meet a blind lady to share my life with. am outgoing , work full time and have my own house. love animals, enjoy traveling when i can. am 5'10, dark hair, hazel eyes. thanks.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

heyy im a girl, living in Asia, lebanon, i'm sighted but i wish to meet a blind guy
i hope u can help me abt it
thank you
please reply

Want to meet a VI or blind woman

Hello, I am a nice, single guy looking to meet a VI or blind woman. I live in New Jersey, am sighted. Thank you. Robert

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm male, singleI live in Baltimore, MD. Feel free to contact me at

Who has MXit

Who has is an instant messaging system from your mobile phone.i would like to invite users to chat

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

I, too, am trying to help my daughter meet someone. She is almost totally blind and lives in MD and it's hard to find any single guy, sighted, legally blind or totally blind. She is 29 and working but when you have limited vision, its a difficult world.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

Hi. Though I'm 16 I'd still like to meet friends you can send an email to me, if you'd like might seem out of your reach....Cody

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...

if you want to meet single blind guys and have long distance call [641-297-6286] the code is [713662] no bashing or giving of info have good time and good luck. i am blind and single, use this line all the time to make new friends. hope to meet you all out there.

Re:Meeting blind, single guys...


Thank you so much for your help! I am so glad you gave me these websites.


Re:Meeting blind, single guys...


Just go to
They are all interactive sites for blind people and you can make many friends there. Good luck.

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