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Professional Matchmakers

Has anyone used the services of a professional matchmaker? Perhaps someone used to working with people with disabilities or vision loss?
I'm in my late twenties and getting nervous and meeting that special someone. However, I'm nervous about using a dating site and would like to be discreet.
any feedback would be appreciated.

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Re:Professional Matchmakers

hi. I have used eharmony in the past. for my own purposes, i was up front in my profile regarding my blindness in an effort to weed out the people who lend weight to such a thing in determining their compatibility needs. Don't rush or get nervous, that will def cost you.
Best of luck.

Re:Professional Matchmakers

Thanks Mike.

Were there any concerns you encountered with the online dating resource? Has it been a positive experience?

Re:Professional Matchmakers

Hi Chris,

I am a man in his mid forties(as I will be for about the next 8 years or so LOL). I have had one blind eye since I was 17(Head injury - motorcycle wreck). Even with a diss-ability such as ours you can still have rich and rewarding social life. Just make sure you are a like-able person. People will still be attracted to you.
Good luck,

Re:Professional Matchmakers

Hi Chris,
Just to clarify my last response... Just enjoy life and you won't need a dating service.

Re:Professional Matchmakers

hi; i did have a positive experience. just answer the profile questions honestly no matter what, and be mindful of the people you correspond with. Unfortunately, there are a small percentage of people out there who try and scam money from online daters. generally, they will write with very poor english/grammar, and speak of love and marriage, and how they have "fallen so quickly" for you over others. they also usually describe themselves as looking like models. LOL
ehoarmony, and seem to do a better job of weeding these scam artists out of their sites.
best of luck!

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