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Really Need Help

Hey guys,
As some of you know I recently published my first book. It is called Clandestine and is the first book in the Bound In Blood series for young adult paranormal lovers. Fans of my blog Playing The Blind Card have sent me tone of requests to make these books available in audio.

Unfortunately, like some of you probably know all about, I'm living on a fixed income. However, I believe it is crucial that the books do make it to audio. It just seems silly that a blind author wouldn't have her books out in a format that is accessible for blind people.

So, I turned to Kick Starter which is a great crowd funding resource for creative projects. My project will be up until November 1,2012 at 3:15pm.

The great thing about Kick Starter is a person can pledge as little as a dollar, or as much as they want. There are also prizes and rewards when you pledge as well. There are several prize options depending on the pledge that are really great.

I am calling out to all of my fellow blind's to help make this happen. It really would mean so much to me. Even if you can't afford to pledge, you can still help by spreading the word in any way you can. If you're into social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for example, you can copy and paste the link and share it with all of your friends. Time is running out fast and the more people that hear about it, the better my chances are.

I really appreciate this guys and of course if you have any questions you can ask me on here or send a message to me via the contact link on Kick Starter.

Hopefully soon you will all be able to enjoy my books. Which by the way have a blind character named Lucy who is an amazing girl. My next series Sightless Spirits has a totally blind main character. Please let's join together and make this dream a reality.

Here's the site address please check it out

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Your bookRe: Really Need Help

Not that having your book on tape wouldn't be great, or cd or MP3 or whatever, but why don't you just give a copy to book share so someone can scan it in and you could also send a copy to RFBandD, actually now its called Learning Ally. You could also send a copy to NLS and ask them to consider recording it and adding it to their recorded collection and to the BARD website. If you want I'd be happy to purchase a copy and read it. I'll get a print or a digital one and scan it if its in print. If I like It I'd be happy to buy a few coppies and donate them to local libraries so that people can get interested in your writing. Also, I'd be happy, if I like the book, to call NLS and RFBandD and lend my voice to the request that they add it to their catalog. Commercially recording your book will be extremely expensive and you will need permission from your publisher depending on your contract, so research this first. If you could reply and let me know where to find your book available in any form, I'd be happy to check it out. Have a great day.

Re: Really Need Help

Hi Nikki,

I'd love to help any way I could. I work for a national website and would love to promote your cause at Can you please email me more info on your project and I will write up a post on it? Thanks! Chris

Re: Really Need Help

I know that this is asking a lot. Most of us have very limited funds. Most of us don't think that we would make a difference with what little we could offer. I understand this completely. I promise I'm not asking for much. Any pledge is amazing, even if only a dollar. If I don't reach my goal , I receive nothing. No backers are out a dime and the audio books will not be produced. I only have until the first of November to make this happen. So I'm asking, no begging, please consider helping. It would mean a lot and help bring a great story to life. If you haven't checked out the site yet please do. Give it a read and if you still don't want to help... that's okay too. I just really appreciate your time and consideration. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either in this forum, directly on Kick Starter or by sending me an email at

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