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What are ways to label clothes

What are ways to label clothes.
What can you use to put on the label tags on the tag that came with the clothes.
what would you do if theres not a tag on back of the shirts.
Ow will you lable it then

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Re: What are ways to label clothes

Hi, if you read braille there are braille tags you can get and you sew on, or if you can't sew you can use a small safety pin. Other ways are going to a store like Michales or really any craft store and finding buttons or things that you can also put on with a safety pin and you choose what size, shape and all you want for what color.
For example, heart for red. Circle for grey.

There are hand held devices that tell you colors and stuff as mentioned in another reply, but they are so expensive! This way is so cheaper and easier.

If you have an IPhone, IPod, or IPad they also have color identifiers, however, you need good lighting for them.

Good luck!

Re:What are ways to label clothes

For me it's pretty easy because all my shirts feel different so I have learned to remember them by feel and style. I have seen people mark the tag in some way that works for them. I have seen them use puffy paint on the tag and with this they draw the first letter of the color of the shirt on the tag. I have also seen people cut the tage in a particular way to signify a color on the tag. I like the idea of safety pinning a braille label on the item but wonder what happens when you go to wash the article of clothing? The most important thing is to pick a method no matter what it is that works for you. Everyone is different and whats good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. Good luck to you and I hope you find something that works.

Re:What are ways to label clothes

Thank you for that Information!

Re:What are ways to label clothes

hi; I've seen people take the labels from braille label makers, and poke a safety-pin through, then attach to the clothing article. There are also color identifiers you can purchase, or maybe get some help from state/Lions Club, for money to purchase one. it's a little hand-held device with 2 buttons on it, one tells you if a light is on, the other allows you to press the front of the device into the article of clothing, and it announces the color.

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