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Why do people do this

Why when people make websites and they use the word braille in their url.
Then on the pages they do not talk about braille.
Here is 1 website that does this.
Do you thinnk they just want to fool blind people or not.

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Re:Why do people do this

Dear jadwiga,
You seem to know a lot about websites. Do you have one of your own? If so what is the address? Also, I've recently started a blog about blindness and am having a hard time with HTML codes, links and gadgets. Do you have any experience with these areas? If so I would love to be able to ask you a few questions if you are willing. Please let me know.

Re:Why do people do this

Thank you!

Re:Why do people do this takes me to a site inviting me to create a webpage using Druple. This may mean the name is somehow owned by this site and is up for sale. Sometimes if you put in a site name which is unused, such site creation tools come up. You just happened to have picked one having a blindness buzz word in it.

Re:Why do people do this


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