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June 2010

AFB Press Releases Third Edition of "Foundations of Orientation and Mobility"

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Foundations of Orientation and Mobility, the essential reference and teaching tool on Orientation and Mobility (O&M), has been completely revised and expanded to two volumes. Known affectionately as "Big Red," this critical resource and textbook has been the foundation for documenting O&M theory and practice since 1980.

This new third edition is edited by William R. Wiener, Richard L.Welsh and Bruce B. Blasch and authored by dozens of prominent experts. It includes both the latest research in O&M and expanded information on practice and teaching strategies. It also includes new material on such topics as:

  • Administration, assessment and program planning of O&M services
  • Teaching travel at complex intersections
  • Teaching school-age children
  • Teaching older adults
  • The use of technology-based travel systems
  • Teaching O&M for adverse weather conditions
  • Teaching O&M to children with cortical visual impairment

Available late this June, pre-orders on the third edition of Foundations of Orientation and Mobility are being taken now in the AFB Press online bookstore at This third edition follows the release of the second edition of Foundations of Low Vision, also available in the AFB Press online bookstore.

News and Announcements

AFB Unveils New Office in Huntington, West Virginia

On June 16, 2010, AFB's new 6,000-square-foot office and optics lab in Huntington, West Virginia was unveiled by AFB staff and Governor Joe Manchin III at a ribbon cutting ceremony. The new office, which houses AFB's nationally recognized technology division, AFB TECH, also houses AFB's finance department, which recently relocated from the AFB NYC headquarters, and AFB CareerConnect®, a web-based program that works to combat the shockingly high unemployment rates among people with vision loss.

"West Virginia has been instrumental in helping us expand possibilities for the 25 million Americans with vision loss and we are extremely proud to be a part of the wonderful community in Huntington," said Carl R. Augusto, AFB President and CEO. "We have an impressive team working for us at AFB TECH and we've been welcomed with open arms by the leadership and people of this great state." Read more about AFB's expansion in an article in the West Virginia publication, The Herald Dispatch.

HR 3101: The Key to Full Digital Access and Why It's Important
Take a look at Paul Schroeder's blog about the recent hearing on a legislation known as HR 3101, the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act. If signed into law, this bill would ensure that individuals with vision or hearing loss and other disabilities can fully use broadband services and equipment and better access video programming devices such as remote controls, menus on DVD players, and more.

Read why Paul unequivocally rejects the opinion piece "Dems want to redesign your iPhone," which ran in the Washington Times on the same morning as the hearing. In the piece and at the hearing, Gary Shapiro, president and chief executive officer of the Consumer Electronics Association, argues that the legislation would hamper innovation and cause products to cost more. According to Paul, "it is simply not true." View Paul's argument and read more about the hearing on AFB Blog.

AT&T Sponsors CareerConnect® Webcasts
A reminder that AT&T has sponsored two new, free AFB CareerConnect webcasts on career exploration and technology. The webcasts follow the great success of the 2009 webcasts and are now available. Session 1, What's Next...Postsecondary Training Preparation for Students with Visual Impairments, is presented by Dr. Karen Wolffe and Session 2, Technology and Visual Impairment in Higher Education, is presented by Ike Presley. Registrants may access both presentations anytime from their computers and receive continuing education credits through the end of 2010. Professionals working with persons with vision loss can receive either ACVREP credit or CRCC units for their participation. Register now at the CareerConnect Webcast Presentations page and you'll also have a chance to win an exciting AFB Press publication!

AFB Senior Site® Interviews Family on Macular Degeneration
Read the AFB Senior Site interview, "Ways to Cope with Vision Loss from Macular Degeneration: A Family Affair," where mother, Esther, and daughter, Gwen discuss their family's experience with Macular Degeneration. Learn more about their experience and advice to families dealing with MD and AMD on the Senior Site webpage.

CareerConnect Presents "Aaron's Graduation" and the "College Ready Challenge"
Follow AFB CareerConnect's two exciting summer multimedia presentations. In this latest installment of Aaron's Adventure in Employment, Aaron rocks out an 80s pop music video. He also ponders the road he has traveled and the road ahead in "Aaron's Graduation." Then, College Ready Challenge, an educational radio game show, features two high school students who must discover if they are "college ready." Enjoy both presentations on the AFB CareerConnect page.

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