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AFBAmerican Foundation®
for the Blind

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Celebrate AFB's 90th Anniversary

This year the American Foundation for the Blind—the organization to which Helen Keller dedicated her life—is celebrating 90 years of expanding possibilities for people with vision loss. Join us in commemorating the landmark victories that have taken place for Americans with disabilities since our founding on June 28, 1921. 90 years of advocacy and impact: donate now to support the next 90 years

AFB's Rich History

hands on a braille writer

Milestones in disability history—we've been there from the start. Review some of the most significant accomplishments in AFB history.

Helen Keller

The woman who led the way: Helen Keller—the disability-rights icon who worked for AFB for 44 years.

young girl listening to talking book with huge smile on her face

Talking Books Exhibit—After developing the Talking Book in 1932, AFB continued to record books and information for people who are blind or visually impaired for over 75 years. This innovation more readily brought books and information to people with vision loss.

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan Macy: Miracle Worker—An online history dedicated to the life of Helen Keller's teacher. Macy and Keller both worked for AFB and traveled the country advocating for those with vision loss.

Helen as a child

Helen Keller Kids Museum—An online gallery that brings Helen's remarkable story to life for the next generation.

group photo taken at the 1921 convention of the American Association of Workers for the Blind in Vinton, Iowa

The Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness in the United States—This comprehensive history of blindness in America from the 1920s through the 1970s was commissioned by AFB, and published in 1976.

90 Years of Advocacy and Impact - Donate Now Make a donation now to honor AFB's 90 years of advocacy and impact. Help us continue to expand possibilities for people with vision loss!

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Foundations of Education, Third Edition

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