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AFBAmerican Foundation®
for the Blind

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

AFB Experts

Expert Topics
Carl Augusto AFB's national efforts, philosophy, and strategic plan; blindness and vision loss; U.S. blindness field
Darren Burton Accessibility of mainstream technology; advocacy relating to technology
Walter Decker AFB's national efforts, philosophy, mission, and strategy; Talking Books; accessibility consulting; nonprofit business ventures
Crista Earl Websites and the Internet; assistive technology; accessible software development
Lee Huffman Low vision assistive technology; technology; web accessibility
Elizabeth Neal Accessible website design; usability
Ike Presley Blindness and literacy; special education; assistive technology; low vision
Mark Richert Public policy, legislation, and law related to special education, disability-related civil rights, social insurance and health care entitlements, and specialized employment and training programs; Legislative drafting; Advocacy training
Priscilla Rogers Aging and vision loss; Rehabilitation and independent living; Special education
Paul Schroeder AFB's national efforts and programs; public policy and legislation relating to visual impairment; technology
Judy Scott Aging and vision loss; rehabilitation and independent living; community organizing
Helen SelsdonHelen Keller; history of Talking Book Productions; archival management and exhibits
Joe Strechay Employment; Vocational Rehabilitation; Transition; Postsecondary Preparation; Education; Mentoring; Orientation & Mobility
Scott Truax Education; employment; early intervention; orientation & mobility

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