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Orientation and Mobility Description for the Tradewinds Resort

Tradewinds Main Hotel

The conference registration desk is located across the Grand Palm Colonnade from the Island Ballroom. The sessions on Thursday will be held in one room of the Island Ballroom (Sawyer Key) and two rooms in the Jacaranda Hall (Citrus and Glades). The coffee area and exhibits are located at the east end of the Jacaranda Hall in the four-room set of Jasmine, Palm, Sabal and Sawgrass.

Sessions on Friday and Saturday will be held in the various rooms that make up the Island Ballroom. Both the Access Awards and Migel Luncheon will be the only events held in the Pavilion, which is a separate building. Restrooms are located at the west end of the Grand Palm Colonnade.

Instructions to all of the locations are in the following mobility description.There will be volunteers posted around the event area to assist anyone who is experiencing difficulty locating where they want to go. The description is complex, but once you explore the environment I am confident you will be able to negotiate the building.

Mobility Description of the Tradewinds Resort

The building runs east-west.

As you come through the front door you are traveling west and are in the hotel lobby. Immediately on the south wall is the hotel registration desk and on the north wall is the concierge desk. Traveling west along the north wall is a business center and a transportation desk.

As you leave the lobby traveling west into the Grand Palm Colonnade area and directly in front is a combination coffee stand and bar. Foot traffic may flow around it in either direction.

The middle of the corridor behind the coffee stand has several seating areas with couches and chairs that run through most of the Grand Palm Colonnade.

On the north wall beyond the coffee stand there is a realtor office and Deli/General Store. The conference registration table will be located just beyond the store. On the south wall beyond the coffee stand are the main ballroom meeting rooms.

Island Ballroom Meeting Rooms

The entire ballroom is called Island Ballroom. It is broken down into several smaller rooms called Indian/Bird Key, Long Key, Sawyer Key, and finally Tarpon Key, traveling east to west.

At the far end of the Grand Palm Colonnade there are a set of steps. The larger walkway is to the South and leads toward the Palm Court Restaurant and eventually to a door outside. The stairway is a square that holds the men's restrooms.

If you travel to the north of the stairs you will find the men's room on the south wall of that staircase area. The short northern hallway ends at a juncture with a hallway that goes north to the Jacaranda Hall with the elevator, meeting rooms, and the coffee-exhibit area.

The women's restroom is located past the stairway area on the north wall. Women coming from the Jacaranda Hall will go up the hallway to and cross the small hall and then turn right (west) when they reach the Colonnade area and the bathroom is several steps west on the north wall. Men will travel up the hallway, turn left (east) on the small hallway and find the bathroom immediately on the right (south wall). They will both be easier to find than to follow these directions.

Jacaranda Hall

The hallway to the Jacaranda Hall has a slight decline opening up at a juncture with automatic sliding doors straight ahead on the north wall, a doorway to the Banyan Breezeway on the west wall.

Immediately on the east wall is a door leading outside with the hallway leading to the Jacaranda Hall and elevators just past that door on the east wall. You can easily just walk west until you approach the north all and then turn to the east to find that hallway.

As you travel east down the hall the elevators are located on the south wall and the first set of three rooms on the north wall are Banyan, Citrus, and Glades. As you travel beyond the elevators traveling east you come to the series of rooms comprising the Jacaranda Hall on the north wall: Jasmine, Palm, Sabal, and Sawgrass.

Finding the Hotel Rooms

The majority of hotel rooms may be accessed from the Jacaranda Hall elevator. The elevator opens up midway of the east-west set of rooms. A second building which has rooms that run north-south may be located by traveling west from the elevators to the end of that series of rooms. You would then turn south to locate the second series of rooms.

Restaurants, Bars, and Orientation Sessions

The campus of the Tradewinds Resort holds several restaurants, bars, and other hotel rooms. Staff and volunteers are available to assist in locating these destinations. There will be orientation sessions offered several times in the first few days of the conference.

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