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Helen Keller Archives

Helen Keller's Oscar Award

Honorary Oscar trophy from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Gilt- and silver-plated statuette presented to Helen for Helen Keller in Her Story, 1955.

"When people are old enough to write their memoirs, it is time for them to die, it seems to me. It would save themselves and others a great deal of trouble if they did."

Midstream, 1929

Helen Keller's archival collection is available to researchers and the general public as an online guide.

The physical collection is comprised of over 80,000 items including documents, scrapbooks, artifacts, photograph albums and photographs. Items such as a silver incense burner from the Empress of Japan (1937) to a Zulu shield from South Africa (1952) are just two of the gifts that she received from dignitaries worldwide, and that she acquired during a lifetime of travel around the globe.

To date, we have digitized over 300 artifacts from the collection and these can now be viewed as images. We sincerely hope that all remaining items will be digitized in the near future. Learn more about our efforts to Save the Helen Keller Archives.

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To LoveQuotations by Helen Keller

To Love This Life:

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