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Letter to Eleanor Roosevelt from Helen Keller (August 5, 1957)


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August 5, 1957

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

It was wonderful to have my birthday celebrated with such generous praise in your column, "My Day." I cannot feel that I deserve such beautiful tributes. For I have seen the war-wounded and many others overcoming handicaps far greater than any I have known, and their heroism has electrified me as no ambition or faith in myself could have done. But I am deeply grateful for encouragement from one whomI (sic) love and look up to as representing all that is greatest and most beneficent in American womanhood.

Truly I am thrilled to hear how enthusiastically my film is appreciated everywhere in America. If it arouses widespread desire among the people to assist all the qualified handicapped to develop their abilities and gifts, I shall be in the seventh heaven of happiness.

With affectionate greetings from Miss Thomson and myself, I am,

Sincerely your friend,

Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Hyde Park, New York

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