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Letter to President Roosevelt from Helen Keller (November 16, 1934)

Transcription of Letter

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President Franklin Roosevelt,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

It stabs me to the quick to take from you one second of the precious hours of rest and recuperation you are seeking in the South, but my championship of the cause of the blind is the urge that will not let me leave you alone.

We who are wrestling with the problem of helping the sightless of America through these difficult days feel that your name would be a talisman of good in our work. I believe the wish of the Board of Trustees of the American Foundation for the Blind that you become its Honorary President has been communicated to you by our president, Mr. M.C. Migel. The kindly sympathy which you have always shown the handicapped emboldens me to press this request. I want you to know how proud and encouraged I should be if we should have the good fortune of your acceptance.

I am following day by day with poignant interest your magnificent endeavors to restore to this nation the ideal of democracy bequeathed to it by the Founders. The November elections seem to indicate that the American people now realize that democracy is undergoing a fateful test, and that they are determined to give you their whole-hearted support, which must cheer and hearten you.

I hope you will have sunshine every day in Warm Springs, and that no tiniest cloud will cast a shadow upon your peace.

With cordial greetings, and with gratitude ever new for your friendliness to the blind and to myself, I am,

Sincerely yours,

November sixteenth.

P.S. This letter is written from the Doctors' Hospital, where I am staying to be near my beloved teacher who is ill--she who has made the light to shine in my dark world these many years is now quite blind herself, but her physician hopes to give her back a little sight.



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