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Letter to Helen Keller from William D. Hassett, Secretary to the President, (January 9, 1948)

Transcription of Letter

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January 9, 1948

Dear Miss Keller:

The President has given sympathetic attention to your letter of December twenty-third and I need not assure you that he feels that the mission which you are to undertake to the blind of Japan is praiseworthy in every respect. I regret, however, to inform you that the reply to your request for a message to the blind of Japan must be unfavorable.

The President's invariable custom is not to communicate with the nationals of a foreign country except through our own official diplomatic channels. Since there has been no departure from this course, I am sure you will appreciate the difficulty of making an exception in this instance.

With all good wishes,

Very sincerely yours,

Secretary to the President

Miss Helen Keller,
Arcan Ridge,

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