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Letter to President Hoover from Helen Keller (February, 1933, copy)

Transcription of Letter


Forest Hills
Feb. 1933

President Herbert Hoover
White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

You have no doubt been communicated with in regard to the wish of the American Foundation for the Blind, that you should visit its sound reproducing studio when you are in New York on February 14th.

The Foundation is perfecting a new method of publishing for the blind, and when this work is completed, it will supply libraries for the sightless with talking books recorded on a phonograph disc. If this plan succeeds, the blind will read a book by ear just as they now listen to a musical composition or a speech over the radio. The pleasure of reading will thus be brought within the reach of many people who, losing their sight in adult life, find it difficult to read with their fingers.

Your presence at the studio will give a trmendous (sic) impetus to this movement, and the blind of America will be thrilled by a message from you saying that a new pathway of light is being blazed through their darkness. It will make me very happy if you appear with me in a brief news reel.

Always there is a glow of grateful remembrance in my heart of how you received the delegates of the World Conference for the Blind. Your fine spirit and cooperation and Mrs. Hoover's gracious hospitality are precious memories in my work. I realize how very heavy your burden is, and this letter stirs in me an ache of sympathy, but we are told that if we take His Yoke upon us and learn of Him, we shall find the burden light and the yoke easy. The blind of this country will have another reason to remember you with gratitude if you can grant this request.

With kindest greetings to Mrs. Hoover, I am, with high esteem,

Faithfully yours,

Helen Keller

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