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Letter to Helen Keller from Margaret Sanger (January 27, 1953)


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January 27, 1953

Miss Helen Keller
Arcan Ridge
Westport, Connecticut

My dearest Helen and Polly,

What a welcome letter, yours of December 8th. was to me when I arrived in Tucson only a few days before Christmas. I have thought so often of both of you and wished that we again could have a weekend together such as we had at Willow Lake a long long time ago.

Indeed you will both agree that India is much in need of birth control and perhaps my last news letter quoting a part of that wonderful address of Dr. Radhakrishna shows how advanced the thinking of the intelligencia of India really is. Lady Rama Rau is one of the most wonderful women that I have met anywhere, and it gives me such pleasure to know that she is taking up the torch and carrying on the work of birth control for her country.

I wish you were coming to Tucson both of you, and could stay with me here, and also if I come east next summer, and if you are nearby I want very much to see you both somewhere, sometime, but soon.

My dearest love to you both and happiest wishes for the new year,


Margaret Sanger


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