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Letter to Helen Keller from Will Rogers (May 27, 1930)


Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows
Beverly Hills, California
May 27, 1930

My dear Miss Keller:

Now what a fine Heel I turned out to be. Here I read your whole book plum through, (and by the way its the first one I ever remember doing that). When I got through reading what these Cuckoo Republicans have done the day before, why my day is about over. But I read yours and enjoyed every minute of it. Now about that Fund I am trying to figure what to say that might attract some attention, cause it sure is a good thing and I will get to it as soon as I get it through my old bone head the way to get at it.

Here's my little dab, its not much on the way to two million but I just don't want Rockefeller to be the only one in the R's.

When you coming out to see us Movie Folks. (sic) I will use you in a Picture if you come out. Give my love to that wonderful Teacher of yours. Drop me a line and send me some literature of that undertaking of yours.

If you can be fortunate enough to keep Mr. Hoover from appointing a Committee to help you raise that fund I believe you will make it.

You know I think you and I will be better friends if we dont (sic) meet, they tell me you can feel of ones face and tell how they look. I'll stay out of your clutches.

With the usual admiration of an American for their most remarkable Women,
(My wife cant (sic) call that being too affectionate, can she)


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