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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Breakthroughs for Adults Facing Vision Loss

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"You are by far the best online resource I have found for people with vision loss."

More than 10 percent of all adult Americans have trouble seeing—even with glasses or contact lenses—or are unable to see at all. (Source: National Health Interview Survey, 2006-2014) The quality of life impact can be substantial: isolation, a limited ability to do everyday activities, and added financial worries. As our population ages, vision loss increasingly affects the family members who serve as informal caregivers.

VisionAware™ is AFB's one-stop online hub for information, connections, and support—and it's expanding to meet today's growing needs.

More Resources

When vision impairments start, individuals and their families have questions. AFB's free Getting Started kit guides them to answers—tips for home safety, things to ask eye care professionals, and more. The kit is also available in Spanish.

Over 158,000 U.S. veterans are facing vision loss. (Source: Blinded Veterans Association, 2014) Our information hub for blind veterans carries on AFB's long tradition of supporting blind or visually impaired service members. Here veterans can find resources for adapting to daily life, dealing with employment issues, and connecting with peers.

90% of respondents said Using VisionAware made life with vision loss easier - displayed on a computer monitor with a cup of pens and pencils next to it

90% of respondents said using VisionAware made life with vision loss easier
Source: 2013 VisionAware Visitor Survey

Greater Reach

Over just one year, the AFB VisionAware message boards received more than 58,000 visits, search engine traffic to the overall site increased by over one third, and traffic from social networking platforms more than quadrupled. (Source: web metrics from July 2012 –July 2013) VisionAware's Twitter account now has the highest number of followers in the vision loss field.

91% of respondents said: I'd recommend VisionAware!

91% of respondents said: I'd recommend VisionAware!
Source: 2013 VisionAware Visitor Survey

  • "My husband is starting to experience vision problems and can benefit from some of your suggestions."
  • "Please continue with your newsletter, blogs and interesting and uplifting articles."
  • "Blogs have helped me realize that I am not alone in this journey of failing sight. At first, it seemed too lonely, powerless, despairing. I am finding that there is a future."
  • "This is a valuable service."

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