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for the Blind

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Breakthroughs in Literacy and Inclusion

visually impaired girl smiling at camera, holding up a print/braille book
  • "I LOVE your website. It is a good way for children with their sight to learn about blind children!!"
  • "I've been diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder and I'm bound to go blind. And this site has been a great help for me to go ahead and start learning braille."

To sighted children—and even their teachers—people with vision impairments may be unfamiliar, or even shrouded in misperception.

AFB's award-winning Braille Bug® website dispels the mystery and fosters acceptance.

Engaging Kids

With puzzles, riddles, trivia, and secret "coded" messages, Braille Bug is more than informative. It's also a lot of fun.

It cleverly taps into kids' desire for knowledge to reveal braille's many uses and the ways in which people with vision loss lead full lives.

Also featured: the story of Louis Braille and his signature invention and the tremendously popular Helen Keller Kids Museum Online, complete with stories, pictures, and multimedia content.

line graph of ladybugs showing that in just one year, the Braille Bug received 607,000 visitors, 750,000 visits, and 4.5 million page views

In just one year, the Braille Bug received 607,000 visitors, 750,000 visits, and 4.5 million page views.
Source: AFB web metrics, 2010

Transforming Perceptions

Search engines and human Internet readers agree: Braille Bug is becoming a household word — and an educational catalyst.

Google searches on "braille," "braille alphabet," and "Louis Braille" consistently rank Braille Bug in the top one or two results. And the site has to date fulfilled nearly 6,000 requests for free braille alphabet cards.

illustration of trophies showing awards the Braille Bug site has won: Best Bet for educational websites from the NEA, Web Winner from USA Today, Great Website for Kids from the ALA
  • USA Today: "Best Bet" for educational websites
  • National Education Association: "Web Winner"
  • American Library Association: "Great Website for Kids"

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