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List Name: For Questions/Discussion About Braille Instruction (brlhelp-afb)

Purpose: The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) National Literacy Center provides information, resources and one-on-one support for all teachers of braille, and for those teachers who have students in their classrooms that read braille. We have established brl-help, an Internet mail list discussion group to promote discussion and share ideas about braille instruction.

This mailing list is open to all people who wish to ask specific questions about braille instruction or the students to whom they teach braille; to respond to requests for information; to share successful strategies that have worked in teaching braille; and to discuss resources and materials that are available. We welcome input from special education and rehabilitation teachers of braille, preschool and general education teachers of children who are blind or visually impaired, parents and other family members of blind individuals, and anyone else who is interested in promoting braille instruction.

List Type: Unmoderated discussion
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Archive: Readable by anyone

Mentor to Mentor

Mentor to Mentor is a closed list for CareerConnect mentors. It is an online chat environment which brings together AFB CareerConnect mentors to cultivate a supportive community through peer networking. Students, job seekers, and career changers need to know what you know about work. Share and use a mix of effective mentoring strategies and tactics used by fellow CareerConnect mentors to energize your mentoring experience, stimulate thinking and help establish tomorrow's talent today.

If you are a CareerConnect mentor and would like to sign up on the list, please e-mail If you are not a mentor and would like to become one, this link will show you how to become a CareerConnect mentor.

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