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JLTLI Education Summary

Table of Contents:

See also the JLTLI 2004 Work Group Documents.

This document is a summary of the Education Work Group activities from the 2004 Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute which was held in Washington D.C., March 4-6. The theme for the Education Work Group was "Establishing Accountability Together: Count Us In—It Means No Child Will Be Left Behind."

Establishing Accountability Together: Count Us In

  • Children with visual impairments must be included in the efforts known as "No Child Left Behind."

  • Student outcomes and accountability issues impact the education for children who are blind or have low vision, including those with multiple disabilities.

  • "When it comes to the education of our children, failure is not an option" is also true for students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities.

The meeting began with a discussion of the intersection of IDEA and ESEA and the impact on students with visual impairments. In an effort to build on positive relationships with all stakeholders, the discussion was led by a panel of education experts not specifically associated with the field of visual impairments.

Each panelist presented information about national efforts to learn more about the effects of these two important pieces of education legislation which will affect the population of students who are blind or visually impaired. A summary of information presented by each of the panelists is included in the article "American Education Panel."

The meeting continued with breakout sessions dedicated to identifying barriers and innovative strategies related to serving students with visual impairments and meeting the requirements of ESEA and IDEA. Participants selected one of three sessions: Assessment, Research-Based Instruction, or Highly Qualified Personnel. Reports from each of the work groups are included in this Summary.

Information in the Summary points to resources mentioned by the panelists so the reader may take advantage of that information provided to JLTLI Education Work Group attendees.

Finally, a summary of acronyms is included to ensure that our readers are all familiar with the various bits of dialogue important to the issue of educating students so they can achieve the highest level of education possible.

We hope you find this document helpful and will plan to become involved with AFB in solving the issues identified by the JLTLI Education Work Group. Contact me at to be part of the upcoming research planning.

—Mary Ann Siller

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