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for the Blind

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Creating a World with No Limits

A world of no limits means a world where people who are blind or visually impaired are working, going to school, and participating in community life unhindered by barriers. It means having every opportunity sighted people do. We aren't there yet, but it's within our grasp.

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Advances in technology, education, and access are making a more inclusive, accessible world a real possibility for people with vision loss. To seize this opportunity, AFB conducted a year-long strategic planning process, guided by a key question: What can we do to create a world of no limits?

What we learned has become our roadmap for change.

Moving forward, our work will be guided by four key objectives:

  1. Produce knowledge
  2. Promote understanding
  3. Shape policy and practice
  4. Pursue organizational excellence

These objectives, along with our new strategic imperative, will empower us to lead the way to a world of no limits.

To create a world of no limits for people who are blind or visually impaired, we mobilize leaders, advance understanding, and champion impactful policies and practices using research and data.

Leading the Field with Knowledge

During AFB's strategic planning process, we learned that none of the more than 2,000 organizations in our field holds as their core mission blindness research and knowledge, despite an urgent need. AFB is answering this call to leadership. Our history of innovation—and our reputation for credibility, neutrality, and collaboration—uniquely prepares us to pioneer the future.

AFB's Strategic Imperative

AFB will cultivate in-depth and actionable knowledge and promote understanding of issues affecting children, working-age adults, and older people who are blind or visually impaired. AFB will achieve these ends by promoting and undertaking research that has scalable impact, developing and e ectively communicating high-quality knowledge, and pursuing strategic relationships with peers, policymakers, employers, and other influencers to engender and accelerate systemic change. Priority issue areas include education, vocational rehabilitation and workforce participation, age-related vision loss, and technology.

child wearing sunglasses and a warm winter coat. She is walking down stairs, holding onto the bannister, and smiling.

Advocating for No Limits Learning

Today's schools are not equipped to help children who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind, deaf, or hard of hearing develop to their full potential.

To address this deficit, in February 2017, the Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act (H.R. 1120) was re-introduced in Congress. The Cogswell-Macy Act is the most comprehensive special education legislation to date for students with sensory disabilities.

AFB is advocating for this legislation by educating lawmakers, rallying advocates on Capitol Hill, and providing partners and supporters with tools to engage others and express their support to their elected officials.

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