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Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Safety

For many the bathroom can be a hazardous area. However, there are some simple alterations you can make to your bathroom décor that may help prevent a fall or injury.

  • Make sure your bathroom rug is non-skid.
  • Keep frequently used products in the same place at all times.
  • Have a grab bar installed at the edge of the tub or shower.
  • Install additional lighting over the tub and shower.
  • Always turn the cold water on first, then the hot so that you can regulate the temperature without burning yourself.
  • Use contrast as a way of identifying and locating your shampoo, conditioner, towels, and soap.

The links below will take you to graphics representing the sink and bathtub area of a typical bathroom. Each example illustrates how changes in contrast, texture, and marking may help you to remain safe and independent in the most private room in your home.

Sink area without and with contrast.

Bath area without and with contrast.

For more information on organizing your bathroom or other rooms in your house, check out Your Home Room by Room.

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