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Focus: Spring 2009

When AFB first embarked on the notion of creating, my priority was to make sure that our web site would be fully accessible to blind and visually impaired people. Although I didn't fully comprehend the power of the web, I knew that it held great potential. I also believed that we would need to make an investment in its future, but accessibility was, and always will be, of the utmost importance to me.

It took less than two years for me to see that our web site could enable vast amounts of information to be disseminated to various and widespread audiences. So, while still keeping accessibility in the forefront of our minds, we began to focus on increasing web content. Today, offers a wealth of up-to-date vital information that blind and visually impaired people need in order to live independent and fulfilling lives. In addition, it also provides audio, video and interactive pieces, such as message boards and blogs, to the millions of people who visit our site.

Our content-rich web site is one of the major reasons that, according to leading metrics, the American Foundation for the Blind has a greater presence on the Internet than any other blindness organization. One of the sections I am most proud of, and wish that I had had access to when I was younger, is CareerConnect®. AFB created CareerConnect,, to provide free resources and tools for students and job seekers with vision loss. It is proof of my belief that with a little bit of ingenuity and technology, blind and visually impaired individuals can accomplish the same goals as their sighted peers.

The best news about our web site is that we're not done yet! My dream is for to be available around the world in many different languages so that others will benefit from our expertise through individualized and customized content. The Internet gives us the ability to reach more people than any one organization could ever possibly hope to do — not only within the United States but throughout the globe!

We have only just begun to expand the possibilities for people with vision loss!

Carl Augusto

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