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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Downloadable Flyer About the AFB Center on Vision Loss

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AFB Center on Vision Loss

Simple Solutions, Big Results

Are you experiencing vision loss? Is it interfering with your everyday activities, like cooking, reading, surfing the web, or going out with friends?

You're not alone. One in six people aged 65 and over has some degree of vision loss. You can, however, continue to do what you want from work to play.

The AFB Center on Vision Loss can help you find the information and resources to:

  • Adapt your home with simple changes;
  • Accomplish everyday tasks using easy, inexpensive tools and techniques;
  • Read, use computers, or write letters;
  • Get out and about to visit friends or family, or do your own shopping.

Call today to schedule a tour of the AFB Center on Vision Loss.

11030 Ables Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
Telephone: 214.352.7222

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