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Do Employers Care If You Have Blue Hair?

Do you feel prepared for your job interview? Are you feeling unsure of what to wear? The National Association of Colleges and Employers wants to help you! In their 2006 Job Outlook Survey, employers were asked how much they are influenced by job candidates' appearance. Some of the employer responses may surprise you.

Influence of Job Candidate Physical Attributes on Hiring Decisions

No Influence
Slight Influence
Strong Influence
Grooming 6% 21% 73%
Nontraditional interview attire 13% 38% 49%
Handshake 22% 45% 33%
Body piercing 26% 43% 31%
Obvious tattoos 25% 46% 29%
Nontraditional hair color 26% 46% 28%
Unusual hair style 30% 49% 21%
Earring (male) 54% 34% 12%
Beard 73% 22% 5%
Mustache 83% 16% 1%

Interviewers' opinions aside, you should always consider the work environment of the organization you are applying to; some employers prefer unconventional candidates, while others have strict policies like no mustaches allowed.

From Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Fall 2006
For more information on the survey, go to: or call toll-free, (800) 544-5272.

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