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Questions to Ask Your Child's Eye Specialist

Your eye specialist should be able to give you a clear description of your child's eye condition in terms that are easy to understand. If the doctor uses highly technical terms, ask that he or she explain them to you in simpler language.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • What caused my child's vision problem?
  • Is this eye condition hereditary?
  • Will my child's eye condition change?
  • Where is the problem located?
  • Do my child's pupils react to light?
  • What is my child's tracking like?
  • What is my child's central vision like?
  • What is my child's field of vision like?
  • What is my child's best viewing distance?
  • How does this eye condition affect my child's mobility?
  • Are there any restrictions on my child's activities?
  • Are my child's eyes sensitive to light?
  • Does my child have light perception?
  • Does my child have light projection (ability to tell where light is coming from)?
  • Will glasses or contact lenses help?
  • Will low vision aids help?

The following are questions your eye specialist should ask you:

  • Have you noticed your child holding his head in an unusual way?
  • How does your child act when she is around bright lights or sunlight?
  • Does your child reach for toys and other objects?
  • Does your child hold objects close to one or both eyes?

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