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Listening for Vision Problems

Some older adults who suspect they have visual difficulties don't talk specifically about the problem because they think of it as one more condition of aging that cannot be avoided. But the fact is that there are many useful devices and rehabilitation techniques that can help them make the most of the vision they have and continue to lead an active life. Be alert to signs of vision loss revealed by things your relative or friend may say, such as:

  • I see halos or rings around lights.
  • I have migraine headaches that give me blurry vision.
  • I can't see anything at night.
  • There are spots in front of my eyes.
  • My eyes hurt.
  • I keep seeing flashes of light.
  • I sometimes see double.
  • Everything looks distorted.
  • I need more light.

Learn more in Prescriptions for Independence, by Nora Griffin-Shirley, Ph.D., and Gerda Groff.

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