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2017 Cogswell-Macy Act Legislative Sponsors

The Cogswell-Macy Act has been re-introduced in the 2017 Congress. The Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act, named for two iconic figures in the hearing and vision loss communities, was re-introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 1120 by Reps. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) and David McKinley (R-WV).

Original Sponsors

Rep. Cartwright, Matt (D-PA-17)
Rep. McKinley, David (R-WV-1)


  • Rep. Aguilar, Pete (D-CA-31)
  • Rep. Crowley, Joseph (D-NY-14)
  • Rep. Cummings, Elijah E. (D-MD-7)
  • Rep. Delaney, John K. (D-MD-6)
  • Rep. Doyle, Michael F. (D-PA-14)
  • Rep. Meng, Grace (D-NY-6)
  • Rep. Napolitano, Grace F. (D-CA-32)
  • Rep. Ryan, Tim (D-OH-13)
  • Rep. Schakowsky, Janice D. (D-IL-9)
  • Rep. Swalwell, Eric (D-CA-15)
  • Rep. Takano, Mark (D-CA-41)
  • Rep. Thompson, Glenn (R-PA-5)
  • Rep. Thompson, Mike (D-CA-5)
  • Rep. Tsongas, Niki (D-MA-3)
  • Rep. Lujan Grisham, Michelle (D-NM-1)
  • Rep. Evans, Dwight (D-PA-2)
  • Rep. Murphy, Stephanie N. (D-FL-7)
  • Rep. Norton, Eleanor Holmes (D-DC)
  • Rep. Faso, John J. (R-NY-19)
  • Rep. Nolan, Richard M. (D-MN-8)
  • Rep. Lujan, Ben Ray (D-NM-3)
  • Rep. Blunt Rochester, Lisa (D-DE-at large)
  • Rep. Cardenas, Tony (D-CA-29)
  • Rep. Grijalva, Raul M. (D-AZ-3)
  • Rep. Engel, Eliot L. (D-NY-16)
  • Rep. Huffman, Jared (D-CA-2)
  • Rep. Castro, Joaquin (D-TX-20)
  • Rep. Lewis, John (D-GA-5)
  • Rep. Stefanik, Elise M. (R-NY-21)

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