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Let's Play: Games/Puzzles

Rub A Dub Fish in the Tub

This suction cup rim with mesh net mounts easily to a bath wall and tile. Kids will have a fun time tossing three squirting fish into the net, while getting clean at the same time! Stimulates tactile exploration and imagination. "Good for fine motor skill development."
$7.99 / 2+ / PI, LV, DD
Rub A Dub Fish in the Tub

Connect Four (R) Game Connect Four® Game
Hasbro Games

Games It's a vertical game of tic-tac-toe, but with a twist—you have to get four in a row! Take turns dropping checkers into place, and try to get four in a row in any direction—while preventing your opponent from doing it first! Promotes tactile exploration and stimulates available vision. Also encourages social skills.
Book $12.99 / 7+ / HI, DD

Boggle® Jr. Game
Hasbro Games

Children match letter cubes to picture/word cards in two multi level games. This exciting game incorporates letter and word recognition, matching, spelling and memory. For one to two players. Stimulates imagination and encourages social skills. Also promotes tactile exploration. "So many different ways you can modify the game to meet the needs of each of my kids!"
$9.99 / 3-6 / HI
Boggle (R) Jr. Game

Bop It (R) Game Bop It® Game
Hasbro Games

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! These three games may be played solo or with multiple players. Kids can compete to the beat as spoken and musical commands test their reflexes. Encourages social skills, creative play and motor skills. Also stimulates available vision and hearing.
$12.99 / 8+ / B, LV

Simon 2™ Game
Hasbro Games

This classic game has become even more fun! The ultimate brain battle of fast reflexes and memory -- doubled! Kids can play both the classic Simon game, then flip it over for four more fun new games including: Head-to-Head Double, Ultimate, Extreme and Counterattack! Encourages creative play and social skills. Also promotes use of auditory tracking skills and stimulates available vision and hearing. "Loved having the ability for two to play. Great way to increase socialization."
$22.99 / 7+ / LV, HI
Simon 2 (TM) Game

Elefun (R) Game Elefun® Game
Hasbro Games

Preschoolers will be kept on their toes as they try to catch the butterflies blowing out of the motorized four-foot high elephant's trunk. Kids practice catching skills with handy butterfly net, or gather butterflies where they land. Promotes exploration of the environment and tactile exploration. Also encourages social skills and use of motor skills.
$19.99 / 3+ / HI, DD

Operation® Brain Surgery® Game
Hasbro Games

This is the ultimate talking feel-and-find matching game! Reach into Cavity Sam's head to find three wacky things that match your game tiles as he eggs you on with wisecracks! Encourages creative play and social skills. Promotes tactile expression and body awareness. Also stimulates available vision and hearing.
$19.99 / 4+ / HI, LV, DD
Operation (R) Brain Surgery (R) Game

The Original Memory (R) Game The Original Memory® Game
Hasbro Games

The ultimate memory test! Kids match pictures of some of their favorite things. If they find two of the same cards, they keep them. The player with the most pairs wins. Encourages social skills and promotes tactile exploration. Also encourages use of motor skills.
$6.99 / 3-6 / HI, DD

Alphabet Board Puzzle

This is a great way to introduce kids to the complete lower case alphabet. Bright colors and large pieces make it an inviting puzzle for little ones. Encourages tactile exploration and promotes use of motor skills.
$69.95 / 3-7 / HI, LV, DD
Alphabet Board Puzzle

Designer One Puzzle Designer One Puzzle

The design possibilities are endless as children create designs inside or outside the frame. With multiple ways to put the puzzle together, there is no limit to a child's creativity! Encourages creative play and tactile exploration. Also promotes use of motor skills.
$29.95 / 3+ / HI, LV, DD

Tangle® Jr.
Tangle®, Inc

This fun twisty plaything is also a puzzle. By simply twisting and turning the 18 interlocking pieces, kids can create cool fun shapes. Stimulates creative play and tactile exploration.
$1.99-$2.99 / 3+ / B, LV
Tangle (R) Jr. plaything and puzzle

Conjecture for Kids sculpting game Conjecture for Kids
Outset Media

This sculpting game has easy clue cards to make sculpting fun for children. One child reads a clue card and tries to sculpt an object while the other player tries to guess what is being created. The tactile sculpting clay allows children to manipulate shapes and objects at their own pace. Encourages creative play and social skills. Also stimulates available vision and promotes creative experimentation.
$16.99 / 6+ / HI, LV

Sew 'N' Sew
Pamela Drake, Inc.

Children are challenged by tracking the threading in and out of this toy. The stitching block is a wonderful tool for hand-eye coordination. Promotes tactile exploration and encourages use of motor skills. Also stimulates available vision and encourages use of daily living skills.
$9.00 / 3+ / HI, LV, DD
Sew 'N' Sew

2 In 1 Puzzle 2 In 1 Puzzle
Pamela Drake, Inc.

The 2-in-1 Puzzle Collection has two complete puzzles, one on top of the other. Kids can take the first layer off, and discover the second layer below. The pieces are large enough for little fingers to manipulate. Encourages creative play and promotes tactile exploration. Also promotes use of motor skills.
$10.00 / 4+ / HI, LV

Spy Gear Spy Safe Cracker™
Wild Planet Toys

Beat the clock to become a Spy Safe Cracker. Kids set the timer and difficulty level, the beeping starts and the mission begins. Concentration, coordination and precision will get young spies through all three levels of code cracking. Kids can play alone against the timer or dare a friend to beat their score. Stimulates available vision and hearing. Also encourages creative play, social skills and tactile exploration. Introduces cause and effect.
$24.99-$34.99 / 6+ / PI, HI, LV, DD
Spy Gear Spy Safe Cracker (TM)

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