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Let's Play 2008: Games/Puzzles

Jumbo Tic Tac Toe
Edushape Ltd.

Soft touch tic tac toe! This old time favorite game is great for after school, recess and family time play. Foam interlocking tiles form a large 15" board and 5" foam Xs and Os allow for easy pickup and sight of pieces and makes play a success. Encourages social skills and motor skills. Promotes tactile exploration.
$12.99 / For ages 3 years+ / PI, HI, DD

Image of foam purple and green Jumbo Tic Tac Toe board with foam red Xs and foam yellow Os

Image of Carpet Bocce in original plastic packaging

Carpet Bocce
Fun Slides Toys and Games

This fun toy brings the traditional lawn game indoors and helps to develop motor skills. Combining skill, strategy and competition, this timeless game is ideal for the whole family! Pucks glide on your carpet (or hard floors); the soft foam bounces off wall and furniture. Encourages social skills.
$16.99 / For ages 6 years+ / PI, DD

Hot Potato™
Fundex Games, Ltd.

Squeeze the Hot Potato™ and the frantic family fun begins! Toss the tater back and forth, up high, down low, around and around! Don't get caught holding the spud when the music stops! Encourages social skills and promotes the use of auditory tracking skills. Promotes tactile exploration and awareness of sounds. Requires 2 AA batteries, included.
$14.99 / For ages 5 years+ / PI, B, LV, DD

Image of Hot Potato in original packaging and brown Hot Potato with eyes and mouth drawn on it

Image of Monster Under My Bed bed with four image cards and various items to select from under the bed

Monster Under My Bed
Fundex Games, Ltd.

Players reach under the bed to find the matches on their bingo style card. The monster gets nervous if a player is looking too long and will growl a warning sign. The first player to find and match three items in a row wins! No reading required. Encourages creative play and stimulates imagination. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.
$29.99 / For ages 4 years+ / PI, HI, DD

What's in Ned's Head?
Fundex Games, Ltd.

Children draw cards and reach into Ned's nostrils or ears as they race to find the silly object pictured on their cards. This wacky, fun game is guaranteed to keep kids giggling for hours! Stimulates imagination. Promotes tactile exploration and identification.
$29.99 / For ages 4 years+ / PI, HI, LV, DD

Image of Ned's Head with various objects sticking out of his ear and nostrils and the remaining objects scattered in front

Image of Big Trouble game in original packaging and talking, popping bubble with stand surrounded by color-coded cards

Big Trouble
Hasbro Games

Electronic talking POP-O-MATIC TROUBLE bubble "tells" you whether to discard or add cards to your hand with colorful lights and fun sound effects. Be the first player to discard your hand of cards and win the game! Encourages social skills, exploration of environment and creative play. Requires 3 AAA batteries, included.
$19.99 / For ages 6 years+ / HI, DD

Candy Land Castle Game
Hasbro Games

The Gingerbread kids have lost their colorful decorations! Help them find new ones by matching the colorful tokens with the shapes on your Gingerbread Kid gameboard. Encourages use of motor skills and social skills. Stimulates imagination.
$19.99 / For ages 3 years+ / PI, HI, DD

Image of Candy Land Castle Game in original packaging, a candy land castle, and gingerbread kids with differently colored and shaped token pieces on them

Image of Whac-A-Mole Tower Game in original packaging and a boy and girl standing over the tower, holding the mallet, and getting ready to hit the mole

Whac-A-Mole Tower Game
Hasbro Games

Ring in the fun when you grab your mallet and give the mole a whack! Be quick and see if you can send his furry friend scurrying up-up-up the tower. Four different games to choose from. Promotes exploration of environment and body awareness. Introduces cause and effect, encourages use of motor skills and stimulates available hearing and vision. Requires 3 C batteries, not included.
$39.99 / For ages 4 years+ / PI, HI, B, LV, DD

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