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"Helen Keller Gets a Dog from Japan" as published in The New York Times (July 3, 1939)

Kazan Go, Gift of Nippon's State Department, Arrives at New Home at Westport

Kazan Go, Helen Keller's new companion dog, spent most of yesterday, his first day at his new home, inspecting the grounds about Miss Keller's Westport, Conn., estate.

Arriving aboard the Japanese freighter Karsima Maru late Saturday night, Kazan Go, a brown "barkless" Akita, was met by Miss Keller and completed his 11,000-mile journey by car from the Brooklyn dock to Westport.

Miss Polly Thompson, secretary to Miss Keller, described the dog's first twenty-four hours in his new home as &334;a sort of introduction to his new surroundings." Kazan Go spent last night sleeping at the foot of Miss Keller's bed after eating a light meal of bread. It will require some weeks, Miss Thompson explained, to accustom him to his American diet. Gradually his portions of rice will be reduced and American fare substituted.

Yesterday afternoon Kazan Go strolled about the grounds with Miss Keller. "He seemed to be delighted with his new home." Miss Thompson said. He has not yet been introduced to Miss Keller's five other dogs. This was described as a delicate matter. He will meet only one of them at a time. Miss Thompson explained that there were no cats in the house.

Kazan Go, a gift of the Japanese State Department, was specially trained from puppyhood for his job. Two years ago when Miss Keller was touring Japan her dog guide died. To console her the Japanese State Department requested the police of Akita to train a dog for her of the breed named after that town. Kazan Go completed his training several months ago and was shipped to this country.

Through her secretary Miss Keller said:

"I express my sincere gratitude to the Japanese people for this splendid dog. To me he will be the symbol of the general good will that the Japanese people extended to me during my tour of Japan two years ago."

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