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Agenda for the 2011 Josephine L. Taylor Leadership Institute

Thursday, March 10, 2011: Pre-Conference Strands


Session: PC001
Title: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
Speaker: Dr. Mark Borchert
Description: This half-day session will cover the ground-breaking work done by Dr. Borchert in his work with children with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Discussion will include the various forms of ONH and complications frequently seen in children with this eye condition.

Session: PC002
Title: Orientation and Mobility
Moderator: Joe Strechay
Speakers: Richelle Frantz, Beth Jurco, Carrie Skym, and HumanWare
Description: Part 1—This session will review how instruction in orientation and mobility can be done successfully when working with a client who speaks a primary language other than English and who may be from another culture. This may mean working with spoken language or signed language interpreters. This session will provide tips on teaching through the use of an interpreter and working with people from different cultural backgrounds.
Part 2—Carrie Skym presents on the use of guide dogs and the transition from the white cane to a guide dog. The acquisition and requirements for guide dog users will be reviewed. Do you know someone who could be a guide dog user?
Part 3—Come play with the newest version of the Trekker Breeze, the easy all-in-one handheld talking GPS! The recently released Trekker Breeze Version 2 is packed with a powerful set of features to help you and your clients explore your travel environment even further. Experience new ways to use the Trekker Breeze to the fullest. You will get to experience the "Breeze" in Seattle! (Brought to you by HumanWare)

Session: PC003
Title: Recreation and Physical Education
Speaker: Lauren Lieberman
Description: Children with visual impairments, blindness and deafblindness need physical activity as much as their same-age peers. Unfortunately, they are often left out of activity on the playground, in physical education, and in community recreation and sports programs. Including children with visual impairments into the same physical activities as their peers is not difficult. It just takes some time, education, planning, equipment, and patience. This session will provide participants with information about products, equipment, modification ideas, web sites, videos, accessible programs, and national organizations that can provide and promote sport and physical activity for children with visual impairments.


Session: PC004
Title: Orientation and Mobility continues
Moderator: Joe Strechay
Speakers: Lukas Franck (Seeing Eye/Intersection Accessibility Expert), Rod Haneline, Chuck Farrugia, and Mickey Damelio (Florida State University/O&M Program Coordinator)
Description: Part 1—Lukas Franck discusses the modern intersection and the issues that may be encountered. He will review techniques used at intersections—best practices.
Part 2—Lukas Franck, Chuck Farrugia, and Rod Haneline discuss current dilemmas facing the field of orientation and mobility that they have observed. Is the current delivery model working? How can we fix this problem? Come, listen, and participate!
Part 3—Mickey Damelio presents on a new ad-VENTURE in orientation and mobility: Ability Beyond the Horizon, expanding the teaching of orientation and mobility in developing nations, creating greater opportunities for those with visual impairments in areas unable to have the benefit of university-prepared orientation and mobility specialists. Discussion of plans for the organization, how you too can be sent around the world making a difference as you go, and techniques that were utilized to make cane travel successful in Vietnam.

Session: PC005
Title: Recreation and Physical Education continues
Speaker: Lauren Lieberman
Description: See above.

Session: PC006
Title: The Reality About Employment with Disabilities
Moderator: Brian Hurley
Description: Parents of high school and college age students and adults seeking employment, join us for an interactive panel discussion about employment for people with disabilities. There are many options and programs across the US and employment is possible for people with disabilities in a variety of career paths. Engage a panel of experts on these topics and more! During our session, we will devote half the time to the panel discussion then the last half to break out sessions for focused interactions among experts and attendees.

Friday, March 11, 2011


General welcome and introductions


Session: GS100
Title: "Adventures in Darkness"
Speaker: Tom Sullivan
Description: Entertaining keynote that will focus on the importance of providing quality services to individuals with vision loss.


Session: 101
Title: Developing Effective Partnerships—Ownership and Accountability for All
Moderator: Kirk Adams
Description: In times of diminishing resources, we must look to the development of partnerships in order to achieve many of our most important objectives. This session will discuss how to create and maintain effective partnerships.

Session: 102
Title: Reach Out and Teach: Revised, Revamped, and Refocused for Today
Speaker: Dr. Kay Ferrell
Description: An advance look at the revised and expanded second edition of Reach Out and Teach, designed for parents of infants and preschoolers, will be presented at this session.

Session: 103
Title: Patterns, Revised APH Braille Instruction: Part One
Speaker: Dr. Cay Holbrook
Description: A review of the revised curriculum designed to assist teachers in becoming familiar with the revised Patterns. This is part one of a two part series.

Session: 104
Title: AFB Works to Improve the Readability of Small Visual Displays
Speaker: Lee Huffman and Morgan Blumbaugh
Description: This presentation discusses the low vision accessibility issues posed by small visual displays and their impact in home, medical, and office environments. It details AFB's efforts to combat these issues through development of an optics lab to measure display quality and the creation of a display standard to improve readability.


Session: 201
Title: Rights and Realities
Moderator: Paul Schroeder
Description: This panel will discuss the current national issues and what action steps the audience might consider taking to insure access to jobs, education, and technology. Upcoming issues will include the of the new technology act, the reauthorization of IDEA, Rehabilitation act and other policy considerations.

Session: 202
Title: Harnessing the Digital Lifestyle
Speaker: Brad Hodges
Description: Mainstream GPS products, iPhone cameras, televisions which connect to the internet, tablets which stream movies... Are any of these revolutionary devices and services accessible without vision? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. In this fast paced session AFB TECH will provide an overview of the increasingly growing list of useful and accessible new digital technology. In addition you will learn about AFB's research and advocacy accomplishments and projects aimed at increasing levels of the accessibility and usability of these products.

Session: 203
Title: Providing Comprehensive Assessments to Individuals with Low Vision, Statewide Approaches That Work
Moderator: Ike Presley
Panel: Rebecca Coakley, CVRP Project, WV; Brandi Linn McRedmond, Project PAVE, TN
Description: This session will describe how two states succeeded in establishing statewide assessments for individuals with low vision. Topics will include, but not be limited to, the initial concepts and development of the programs, the types of services delivered and how the programs are meeting the needs of individuals with low vision. The panel will discuss how participants can analyze their resources and establish a plan for creating similar services in their state.

Session: 204
Title: Patterns Series: Part Two
Speaker: Dr. Cay Holbrook
Description: A review of the revised curriculum designed to assist teachers in becoming familiar with the revised Patterns. This is part two of a two-part series.

Lunch: 12:30-2:15, on your own
Pacific NW AER will hold its meeting—Lunch will be provided for PNWAER Members


Session: 301
Title: Investigation into the New Buzz Word, STEM
Speaker: Tara Annis
Description: STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is the acronym many have heard about, most likely in the media. Educators would like children to excel more in these areas, and the same is the case for professionals who teach children with vision loss. This session will cover a wealth of information, such as techniques for teaching young children STEM subjects, what constitutes an accessible electronic version of a textbook, how to create the appropriate tactile diagrams, summary of technology to make laboratory work accessible, to name just a few topics. This session will be beneficial to professionals in the field of vision loss, parents of visually impaired children, educators working in the mainstream—basically anyone who is curious on this topic will gain insight into STEM after attending this session.

Session: 302
Title: Tactile Map Production and Use
Speaker: Dr. Amy Lobben
Description: Tactile maps not only represent valuable sources of tactile information for the user, but also represent a confounding and difficult production process for the map maker. In this presentation, we will discuss results from a 5-year study investigating map use strategies and use of both navigation and socioeconomic tactile maps. We will also present resources for tactile map production, including recently released tactile map production software available for free download from our website.

Session: 303
Title: O&M and Play: Having Fun While Facilitating Development in Multiple Areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum
Speaker: Mickey Damelio
Description: Training in how to incorporate the rest of the ECC into O&M with students, improving not just their ability to travel, but their ability to function in the world along with their peers with sight, setting them up for long-term success as an adult.

Session: 304
Title: Part 1—Discussion of the Developing Crisis Within the Current System of Providing Specialized Services. Part 2—Challenges of Connecting Eye Care Professionals with Vision Rehabilitation Services
Speaker(s): Part 1—Lukas Franck, Rod Haneline, and Chuck Farrugia. Part 2—Judy Scott and Pris Rogers
Description: Part 1—The speakers discuss current dilemmas facing the field of orientation and mobility that they have observed. Is the current delivery model working? How can we fix this problem? Come, listen, and participate! Part 2—The speakers will discuss the results of focus groups held with eye care providers to determine the types of information eye care professionals are interested in receiving about vision rehabilitation.


Session: GS200
General Session
Speaker: John M. Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB
Description: John M. Rafferty will reflect on the effective leadership strategies he has used to help organizations to excel.

Session: GS201
Title: General Session
Speaker: Kathy Martinez, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy, Department of Labor
Description: This session will highlight news from Washington, D.C., including activities of the Department of Labor. Discussion will also include how technology has impacted the working lives of adults with vision loss.

4:30-6:30 Access Awards Ceremony

6:30-8:00 Sensory Art Show

Sensory Art Show sponsored by The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. See the winning submissions for the Lighthouse's 3rd Annual Sensory Art Contest, featuring purely tactile and accessible works by members of Seattle's artist community. Held on the 28th floor of the Seattle Renaissance Marriott in the Visions Room. Presentation of awards to winners at 7:00 p.m. The art show is free and open to the public. Please contact Communications Coordinator Robert Hanna at 206-436-2149 or via e-mail at for more information.

8:00-? AFB 90th Anniversary Celebration Party

Informal gathering and singalong. You are encouraged to bring an instrument and become a star.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Session: GS300
Title: Protecting Specialized Services Panel
Moderator: Mark Richert
Description: In recent times we find many of the agencies who provide specialized services to be continually in danger of losing funding and their identity. It is up to all of us to work together to protect these necessary services. This session will discuss what has worked throughout the country.


Session: 401
Title: Social Networking Your Mission
Speaker: Crista Earl and Maureen Matheson
Description: Finally, marketing and outreach tools that really work. How we can use social networking to provide better services and communicate feedback.

Session: 402
Title: Training Resources on Low Vision
Speaker: Ike Presley
Description: Many service providers, especially medical professionals and others assisting people with low vision, have expressed concerns about their difficulties in staying abreast of developments in low vision technologies. AFB is developing a variety of resources to address this issue including a cadre of trainers to provide update presentations.

Session: 403
Title: Cortical Visual Impairment
Speaker: Christine Roman, director of the Pediatric VIEW Program at Western PA Hospital, Pittsburgh, and author of Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment & Intervention
Description: Dr. Roman will provide an overview of CVI—causes, characteristics, conducting assessments, and designing interventions. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share personal experiences.

Session: 404
Title: Deaf Blindness and Employment
Speaker: Seattle Lighthouse Staff
Description: A panel of adults with deaf blindness will share their experiences in employment situations with the audience including tips that work at work.


Session: 501
Title: Space Camp
Speaker: Dan Oates
Description: SCIVIS—Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students—is entering its 21st year. See how you and your students can be a part of this exciting program!

Session: 502
Title: Apple Accessibility: Education, Entertainment and Productivity
Speaker: Darren Burton, AFB
Description: AFB TECH's Darren Burton will discuss and demonstrate Apple's Mac and ipod/iPhone/iPad line of products, all of which have accessibility built-in at no extra cost.

Session: 503
Title: Web Resources from AFB and Partners
Moderator: Judy Scott
Speaker: Detra Bannister, Pris Rogers, Lee Huffman, Susan LaVenture (NAPVI), Anne Durham
Description: The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) provides relevant information throughout the age span of individuals with vision loss. Come and explore what is available through AFB's fully accessible, free Web-based programs, including FamilyConnect, CareerConnect, Braille Bug, Senior Site. In addition, learn how to access topical content on, such as AccessWorld, our technology publication. These dynamic resources provide timely information that addresses the critical needs of students, families, adults, and the professionals who serve them. Hear announcements of exciting new developments that will be coming in the near future. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide input on AFB's Web Programs.

Session: 504
Title: Just the Facts: ECC Research Projects Provide Evidence of Disability-Specific Skills Training for Students with Visual Impairments
Speaker: Phil Hatlen, Karen Wolffe, Karen Blankenship
Description: In this session, Drs. Hatlen, Blankenship, and Wolffe describe a collaborative research project between AFB and APH investigating awareness and implementation of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC).

12:30-2:15 Migel Awards Luncheon


Session: 601
Title: Accessible/Useable Online Learning
Speaker: Sherry Hahn
Description: Online learning is exploding! Most students will take at least one online class before graduating from high school or college. Today, students with disabilities struggle to use these new tools because websites, learning management systems and course content are not created with them in mind. But, things are changing. Ironically, online learning could be a place where students with disabilities can achieve their goals of independence and preparation for careers and jobs. The online world provides the place where disability anonymity is possible and students are honored for their ideas and contributions.

Session: 602
Title: V-Braille: Vibrating Access to Braille on Smart Phones
Speaker: Dr. Richard Ladner
Description: V-Braille provides for input and output of textual information on standard smart phones using the touch screen and vibration capabilities. The initial use of the V-Braille is in children's games that help them learn the six-dot pattern of Braille in a fun and easy way. Additional uses of V-Braille may be useful for other practical applications as well.

Session: 603
Title: Assistive Technology Assessment
Speaker: Ike Presley, AFB
Description: Too often assistive technology (AT) sits in a closet. This leads to a negative impression of its benefits by consumers, service providers, and especially administrators who have committed precious financial resources. A comprehensive AT assessment can greatly improve the situation and decrease the chances of the closet filling up.

Session: 604
Title: Resources for Physical Activity for Individuals with Visual Impairments or Deafblindness
Speaker: Lauren Leiberman
Description: Children with visual impairments, blindness, or deafblindness have limited opportunities for physical education, recreation, and sport. Parents, teachers, and specialists must work very hard to find resources to help children become and remain active and independent. This presentation will provide participants with books, products, equipment, websites, videos, and camp programs to help every child be as active and informed as possible.


Session: 701
Title: Introduction to Goalball Panel
Moderator: Billy Henry
Description: Come and learn about the exciting game of goalball. The panel will discuss what goalball is and give a demonstration for the audience. At the end of the presentation the audience will be given ways to get involved with their own goalball community at home.

NAPVI Parent Meeting
Speaker: Susan LaVenture
Description: Meeting for families to learn more about NAPVI, current legislative updates, and new features in the FamilyConnect program. For more information, call 800-562-6265.

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