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Building Positive Work Habits: The Perfect Worker

What the Employer Really Wants

There are some work habits that all employers hope their new hires will have. Consider how you match up to the attributes of the "perfect worker."

  • Punctuality - being on time every day
  • Attendance - being at work unless you are truly ill or there is an emergency
  • Productivity - working to assure both quality and quantity measures are met
  • Initiative - starting work without being told to do so
  • Cooperation - getting along with people...boss, coworkers, customers
  • Attention to Details - following rules or directions
  • Accuracy - not making mistakes
  • Adaptability - can do more than one job task
  • Diligence - improving job performance routinely
  • Appearance - always presents in appropriate clothing and accessories
  • Open-mindedness - accepts constructive criticism
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness - doesn't cheat, steal, or lie

Consider how many of the work habits listed above you demonstrate in your current work, school, or home situation. Are there habits you need to improve—what are they? How can you improve in these areas?

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